Arete, part of TurnIT Consulting, signs master agreement with Regeringskansliet

Arete, part of TurnIT Consulting, signs master agreement with Regeringskansliet TurnIT Consulting has both through Arete, which is the parent company for TurnIT's Swedish consultancy operations, and on behalf of Libro Datakonsult today signed two-year master agreements with Regeringskansliet [the Swedish Government Offices]. In competition with 45 other IT consultancy companies, Arete and Libro have been selected as two of five suppliers of IT-services for Regeringskansliets total operations. The agreement covers a number of different services, including advanced project management and other IT consultancy services. Regeringskansliet's IT operation has recently been expanded to cover that of the Foreign Ministry. This agreement is, consequently, wider in scope than the previous assignments Arete and Libro carried out for Regeringskansliet. Arete's and Libro's master agreements with Regeringskansliet cover a broad requirement for consultancy services with a high standard of quality and expertise. Throughout a long relationship with Regeringskansliet, the companies have carried out a large number of assignments. The master agreements mean that Arete and Libro will be involved in and will offer resources for different projercts within Regeringskansliets total operations. For Regeringskansliet, the agreement means simplified handling of services, with guaranteed quality. The common aim is to achieve more efficient deliveries. "We are very pleased that Regeringskansliet has shown continuing confidence in us, and we see the master agreement as a stable base for partnership over several years. Quality and a long-term view are key concepts in Arete's operations, and we can live up to them in a master agreement with one of our most important customers", says Anders Hägg, President of Arete. "We are particularly delighted that Arete and Libro have each signed their own master agreements with Regeringskansliet, even though these are handled jointly within the new Arete Group. The agreement can be regarded as a pay-off for TurnIT's investment in quality IT, which is a market concept that has been neglected in previous years" says Peter Enström, President of TurnIT AB. Arete represents the Swedish operations in TurnIT's business area, Consulting, and has subsidiaries in three main areas, systems development, Internet-based communications, and technical infrastructure, with a total of 350 consultants.. TurnIT is one of the larger Swedish IT groups listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange's Attract40 list. TurnIT has about 1350 employees, and equity of about SEK 1,200 million. Its business idea is to act as an IT partner, and to offer a share with lower than average risk through the acquisition of companies in different areas of the IT market. The Group's operations are divided over five business areas; Supplies, Software, Communication, Consulting and Outsourcing. It also includes TurnIT Development, which invests in IT companies at an early stage of development. For further information, please contact Anders Hägg, President, Arete, Tel:+46 (0)8-692 93 00, Mobile:+46 (0)705- 85 10 28 Knapp Lennart Pettersson, President, Libro Datakonsult, Tel: +46 (0)18-16 77 00, Mobile:+46 (0)705-16 77 00 Peter Enström, President, TurnIT AB, Tel: +46 8-545 877 30, Mobil:+46 705- 74 99 82 Rickard Linderoth, Information Director, TurnIT AB, Tel: +46 (0)8-545 877 45, Mobile :+46 (0)709-65 02 98 On the Internet ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: