BeA pioneers new pallet fastening innovation

BeA, the manufacturer of nailing systems for the pallet manufacturing and refurbishment industry, has shown further evidence of a commitment to product innovation.

The business has recently introduced two new pneumatic nailers designed specifically for two-handed operation. 

The new two-handed nailers offer numerous advantages over conventional single-handed tools with particular benefits in areas such as ergonomics, fixing accuracy and most importantly, operator safety.

Paul Shepherd, national sales manager at BeA, explains: “BeA has a long history of technical excellence. Our tools are widely recognised and respected for their reliability and have become the preferred choice for customers looking to minimise downtime through tool failure.

“The launch of our new two-handed tools will add to that reputation. They have been introduced as part of our focus on continued product development and in direct response to customer feedback.”

The new BeA two-handed tools feature a second handle which is positioned at a right angle to the main tool body. This additional handle and the tool’s primary handle both employ safety triggers which must be engaged in order for the tool to be fired as normal.

As the new BeA two-handed tools can only be operated with both hands, there is no risk of operators inadvertently placing a hand in front of the nailer’s nosepiece. Incidents of this type can cause serious injuries and continue to rank highly amongst the Health and Safety Executive’s woodworking accident statistics.

The two-handed operation of the new BeA tools also reduces the transference of vibration to the operator as the load is spread over two hands and arms rather than one. This minimises the risk of potential problems from prolonged tool use such as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

As well as improving health and safety, the new BeA two-handed tools also improve tool guiding and nail positioning. This contributes to a better fix and to reduced nail wastage.

Concluding Paul Shepherd adds: “The new BeA two-handed tools have already been adopted by some of the world’s biggest names in pallet pooling and we fully expect to see other companies following suit. 

“Given their ability to enhance fixing performance and health and safety levels, the new tools are an especially effective solution to the fastening needs of today’s pallet manufacturer or refurbisher.”

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Caption: Safety first. BeA’s new and innovative two-handed tools offer the pallet industry numerous benefits including improved health and safety.

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Notes to editors:

* BeA is a global manufacturer of fastening technology for a wide range of industries including construction, furniture production, automotive, packaging, landscaping, bedding, transportation and many others.

* BeA’s products range from automated fastening systems for modern speed, high efficiency production lines to nail guns, nailers, heavy duty staplers, tackers, pinners, industrial screwdrivers and hot melt technology.

* The business also manufactures a wide range of accessories and consumables including screws, nails, staples, timber connectors, gas fuel cells and compressed air products.

* BeA was founded in Germany in 1910 and has its global headquarters in Ahrensburg. Its UK head office and distribution facilities are located in Woodmansey, East Yorkshire.

* For over 100 years, BeA has rigorously maintained a commitment to technical excellence and true precision German engineering. Its products are tried and tested in applications across the world where failure is not an option. The business is also accredited to ISO 9001 standard and certified by the German TÜV.

* More information on BeA and its extensive product range can be found at




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