Bond It blasts unsightly organic growth

Bond It – one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of building chemicals - has launched a new product which prevents unsightly organic growth turning outdoor features and prized investments like caravans and conservatories into eyesores.

Patio Blaster is an easy to use, highly versatile, concentrated disinfectant which both removes and prevents the growth of green mould, lichens and algae. It is also totally free of bleach and acids as well as completely biodegradable.

Commenting, Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, said: “Most of us at some point in our life have experienced problems with green mould, lichens and algae.

“These organisms are frequently a scourge for property owners and dwellers, gardeners, grounds staff, caravan owners and a whole host of other people. Their widespread nature means they can often be found on a huge variety of surfaces and as such Bond It wanted to launch an equally far-reaching solution.”

Reflecting this drive for maximum versatility, Patio Blaster can be used on materials such as tarmac, asphalt, gravel, concrete, pebbledash, weatherboard, brick, masonry (including Yorkstone), wood, PVC plastics and most artificial surfaces used for tennis courts and play/sports areas. It can also be also used on more ‘delicate’ surfaces like glass, rendering, mortar and plaster.

Thanks to this enormous versatility, Patio Blaster is a truly multi-purpose solution.
Whether users are looking to treat patios, pathways, drives, fencing, decking, sheds, roofing, painted and glazed pots, garden ornaments, garden furniture, greenhouses, conservatories, caravans and even grave and headstones, Patio Blaster provides an effective answer to their needs.

Further benefits include impressive ease of application. Users simply follow a three step process – dilute, apply and leave to dry. There is no need for scrubbing or for pressure washing, saving both time and effort.

Patio Blaster also employs a proprietary fast acting and long lasting formulation. Once applied, it will gently clean the treated surface and kill off green growth within two to three days. It will then provide protection from regrowth for several months afterwards.

Summing up, Kirstie Cooper adds: “Thanks to our considerable track record and continued investment, Bond It already offers a board portfolio of high performance products for use across a wide range of applications - from tiling to landscaping.

“The introduction of Patio Blaster builds on that and takes full advantage of our in-depth expertise. It also reflects our commitment to adding value and assisting customers in as many areas as possible.”

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Caption: Getting rid of green growth. To remove and prevent the growth of green mould, lichens and algae, Bond It has launched a new, highly versatile disinfectant, Patio Blaster.

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Notes to editors:

* With its head offices and production facilities located in West Yorkshire, Bond It is a leading manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, building chemicals, waterproofing products, roofing compounds, polyurethanes, adhesive tapes and ceramic tile adhesives.

* Operating to ISO 9001 quality standards, the business supplies an extensive range of technically advanced, high quality products to builders’ merchants, DIY outlets, retailers and specifiers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

* To help customers stay abreast of changing marketing conditions and demands, Bond It has a strong commitment to product development and continues to invest heavily into R&D whilst simultaneously drawing on many decades of technical experience and expertise.

* The established Bond It brand was acquired by Seal It Services Ltd in 2002.

* More information on Bond It and its range can be found at




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