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Olympia Tools is showing further evidence of its commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern hand tool performance. The business, which distributes hand tools and workwear under its Roughneck brand, has launched a new range of bevel edge chisels which it believes will carve out a new niche in the market.

Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, explains: “Historically, chisels have tended to gravitate towards one of two ends of the market – either the mass marketed, DIY type product or the more professional, craftsman’s type tool.

“At Olympia Tools, we wanted to develop a range that could sit somewhere in-between - offering all the quality and performance of high-end products but at a more widely accessible price.

“Our commitment was such” he continues: “that we actually sourced a well-respected manufacturer willing to work closely with us to develop our new chisels to very exacting specifications and in line with our wider vision. The result is a range that we’re confident will prove a massive hit both with end-users and with our nationwide stockists.”

Specific features offered by the new, competitively priced yet high performance products include a tang that runs the full length of the chisel, including through their contoured handle.

This ensures both greater and more precise transference of any striking force with obvious dividends at the chisels’ cutting edge.

In addition, this cutting edge is pre-honed for immediate ‘out of the box’ use and offers users a choice of two different angles for maximum flexibility – a conventional 25º angle and a second, highly useful 35º angle, which ordinarily users would have to hone themselves.

The new chisels also benefit from a construction from high quality, drop forged chrome vanadium blade for lasting performance as well as a handle made from Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). This latter material delivers impressive slip resistance, excellent weatherability and good shock absorption.

The handles are also ergonomically designed as well as topped by a ‘fit for purpose’, ultra-durable metal striking cap. Further benefits include the inclusion of blade guards which provide protection, both for the cutting edge and the user when the chisels are not in use.

To cater for the widest range of needs and ensure maximum merchandising opportunities, the new chisels cover a huge range of sizes and are supplied individually on hang tags or as a three piece set, as a three piece set with its own sharpening kit or as a five piece set in a strong canvas wallet.

Commenting on the new chisels, Vahe concludes: “The introduction of the new Roughneck chisels is just the latest example of our strong commitment to on-going product development. As a business, we remain focused on hand tool innovation and both end-users and stockists alike can rest assured of further, equally impressive product launches over the coming months.”

To celebrate the launch of its new chisels, Olympia Tools will be running a number of special offers on the range. The business has also complemented the range with an eye-catching merchandiser which can be either placed on a countertop or hung on peg boards.

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Caption: Best of both worlds. Roughneck’s new range of chisels promise top-end tool performance - but without the top-end tool price.

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Notes to editors:

- With its head offices and showrooms in Reading, Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd is a British based importer and distributor of premium quality, competitively priced hand tools and other products for the professional tradesman and serious DIY enthusiast.

- Olympia Tools prides itself on offering new, innovative and high performance products sourced from reputable manufacturers across the world.

- Specific and well-known brands available from Olympia Tools include Roughneck, Gorilla Bar, Thorsen, Power Grip, Wood Grenade and the MUTT (Multi Use Tough Tool).

- Olympia Tools has been trading in the United Kingdom for 15 years.

- For more information on Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd and its products, visit




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