Roughneck launches groundbreaking innovation

Olympia Tools is helping trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts to overcome the challenge of breaking ground and digging in confined spaces. 

The business, which distributes the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear, has recently introduced a new Roughneck Mini Shovel. 

Measuring just 850mm from the tip of its blade to the top of its handle, the new Roughneck Mini Shovel offers all the performance of a full sized shovel in a more compact format. 

It is ideal for use wherever workspace and freedom of movement is limited such as within trenches, pits and confined areas.  It is also perfectly suited to worksites where users have to pass through restricted access points such as manhole covers.

Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, comments: “The new Roughneck Mini Shovel reflect the brand’s focus on providing innovative solutions across all areas of hand tool usage.

“Traditionally, breaking ground or digging where space is limited has entailed utilising something like a shovel with its handle cut in half. The problem with this approach is that ergonomically and mechanically these ‘make do’ tools haven’t been designed for their intended task. The new Roughneck Mini Shovels have - and as a result, they benefit from a number of especially fit for purpose features.”

These features include a high strength fibreglass handle which is reduced in length but that still employs a full-sized ‘D’ grip. This ensures optimum ease of use and user comfort.

To ensure there are no compromises in digging performance, the new Roughneck Mini Shovel also benefits from a heavy-duty pressed steel blade. This has been both hardened and heat-treated for increased durability and penetrative power.

The new Roughneck Mini Shovel complements a range of existing mini and micro products available from the brand. Additional products include a Roughneck Mini Shovel, a Roughneck Micro Fork and a number of Roughneck Micro Picks and Mattocks.

Concluding, Vahe Der Kureghian adds: “Roughneck tools are widely respected for their ability to make common trade and DIY tasks quicker, easier and more efficient. The new Roughneck Mini Shovel adds to that. It also demonstrates big thinking on a smaller scale.” 

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Caption: Shovel breaks new ground. The new Roughneck Mini Shovel offers an innovative solution to the challenge of breaking ground and digging in confined spaces.

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Notes to editors:

- With its head offices and showrooms in Reading, Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd is a British based importer and distributor of premium quality, competitively priced hand tools and other products for the professional tradesman and serious DIY enthusiast.

- Olympia Tools prides itself on offering new, innovative and high performance products sourced from reputable manufacturers across the world.

- Specific and well-known brands available from Olympia Tools include Roughneck, Gorilla Bar, Thorsen, Power Grip, Wood Grenade and the MUTT (Multi Use Tough Tool).

- Olympia Tools has been trading in the United Kingdom for 15 years.

- For more information on Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd and its products, visit




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