Udemy Hits Record Growth with 2 Million Students

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Marketplace for Sharing Knowledge and Building Skills Grows Student Base 300% in Past Year

Udemy, the leading marketplace for sharing knowledge and building skills, revealed today that it has passed the 2-million-student milestone. Over 7,000 experts from around the world share their expertise with students from over 200 countries via the 13,000 courses published on the online education marketplace.

Udemy has hit the 2-million-student mark just five months after its millionth student joined the marketplace. Today, more than ever, students are taking charge of their own learning and skill development. They are forging their own path to success whether they want to change careers, land a promotion or simply to stay relevant in their current career. In the face of mounting workforce pressures, millions of individuals are engaging with flexible, on-demand learning experiences to secure desired skills and reimagined futures.

“We’re inspired by the millions of students holding themselves accountable for their own skills and careers,” says Dennis Yang, president and COO of Udemy. “It’s gratifying to help so many students connect with new skills and passions, and witness individuals transform their professional paths and livelihoods. We are very bullish about the future of our knowledge sharing model, where students can learn anything, anytime, anywhere; and experts can make money sharing their expertise.”

Udemy’s marketplace empowered student Judson Wickham to build his skills and improve his consulting business, while instructor Dr. Susan Weinschenk was inspired to launch a second career in online teaching.

Judson Wickham – Udemy student, software consultant, and website designer

Judson Wickham significantly grew his skill set by taking over 45 Udemy courses. Armed with a desire to invest in himself, he spent every single Saturday for 3 months taking Len Smith’s SEO and analytics course, and several other courses on Udemy. “I was able to learn everything from website design, HTML5, and SEO to brand marketing, sales tactics, and productivity management. Udemy was the only place that I could find the courses I wanted,” says Wickham. “The knowledge I acquired taking these courses empowered me to lead the life I imagined for myself. I’ve been able to double my income since first starting with Udemy, and will soon quadruple it,” says Wickham.

Dr. Susan Weinschenk – Udemy instructor and expert on behavioral psychology in the workplace

Dr. Susan Weinschenk has a Ph.D. in Psychology and applies research on brain science to predict, understand and explain what motivates people. She is a successful consultant and has taught psychology and design at SUNY (Oswego) and the University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point). “I am able to share my 30 years of experience in applying psychology to the design of software, apps and technology products with students from around the world. I love to teach, and my Udemy courses allow me to build revenue whenever and wherever," says Dr. Weinschenk.  

Supporting Udemy Growth Metrics:

  • 300% user growth in the past 12 months
  • Over 300% revenue growth in the past 12 months
  • Student course enrollments grew over 400% in the past 12 months
  • Nearly 1 million installs on the iPhone and iPad
  • 800+ new courses are published each month by instructors
  • 1,500 international language courses (e.g. Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Korean and Hindi)
  • Number of students enrolling in Udemy courses per day
    • 24 in 2010
    • 242 in 2011
    • 1,804 in 2012
    • 9,061 in 2013

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Udemy is a marketplace for experts to share their skills, and people to gain the skills they need to succeed. Udemy brings together 2 million students and 7,000 experts from around the world with top-quality, affordable learning content. Udemy offers more than 13,000 courses, available online and through its native Android, iPad, and iPhone apps. Udemy for Organizations (UFO), a corporate online learning platform, provides training solutions to over 2,000 companies. www.udemy.com