UDS Launches GlobalFun - A New Subsidiary And Gaming Portal For Interactive Entertainment

The world's first multiplayer game via both the Internet and WAP: UDS Launches GlobalFun - A New Subsidiary And Gaming Portal For Interactive Entertainment [Norrkoping, Sweden, February 5, 2001.] Leading Scandinavian computer game developer UDS has launched its new portal for interactive entertainment, www.GlobalFun.com. The site contains e.g. the world's first computer game that makes its possible for players on both the Internet and WAP to play against each other. The site is run by UDS' newly formed and fully-owned subsidiary for development and marketing of interactive entertainment, GlobalFun. The new web site is an evaluation version of GlobalFun's new portal for interactive entertainment, which will be officially launched world-wide at the end of this quarter. Www.Globalfun.com is a virtual gaming community in which players all over the world can meet and play games, compete with each other or simply take a break from work. Even though the site is completely new, it already attracts approx. 16,000 visits per day from all over the world without any marketing activities whatsoever from UDS' or GlobalFun's side. GlobalFun is first in the world to offer its customers the option to play computer games with each other via both the Internet and WAP, on a so- called cross platform. This platform will eventually also support other types of digital channels such as digital TV. This means that players will gain a substantial amount of flexibility and increased opportunities of choice. "One of the problems with WAP has so far been that there has been too few users for it to be interesting for players. With our new cross platform this is no longer a problem, and it is completely in line with our vision: 'Online entertainment Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone'", said Bertil Krumnack, Managing Director at GlobalFun. "The test launch of www.globalfun.com is a strategically important part of our future development. As a group we want to get closer to the end customer and "own" a larger part of the value chain; It is also important for us to be active in new medias and new ways to distribute entertainment", said Thomas Lofblad, Managing Director, UDS. About UDS and GlobalFun: GlobalFun is a fully-owned subsidiary of UDS. GlobalFun develops and supplies interactive entertainment products for the world market, e.g. via its own en "gaming community" on the Internet. GlobalFun will also market UDS-developed games for digital TV and cellular phones. Globalfun has its headquarters in central Gothenburg in Western Sweden, and with initially seven employees. Managing Director is Bertil Krumnack, previously with Ericsson in Japan. GlobalFun has already signed two significant partnerships: with the Springer-owned German telecom company CompuTel (for joint development and supply of entertainment products for the Internet and mobile Internet in Europe), and with the Swedish telecom company Telenordia (to supply interactive e-entertainment products for the Swedish market via Telenordia's digital media channels (the Internet, broadband and wireless Internet)). UDS, Unique Development Studios AB, was founded in 1997 and is today one of Scandinavia's leading and most profitable developers of computer-, video- and console games. UDS has more than 90 employees at its headquarters in Norrkoping and in Britain. UDS is owned by its founders and employees, and by Slottsbacken Venture Capital, Nordico Invest and Bank of America. UDS has well established partnerships with many of the leading publishing companies in the world, and the company has received several large orders for computer and video games lately. För further information and illustrations please contact: Bertil Krumnack Managing Director, GlobalFun Ph: +46 709 62 44 85 E-mail: bertil.krumnack@globalfun.com or Thomas Lofblad Managing Director, UDS Ph: +46 11 12 31 65 Cellph: +46 708 62 44 63 E-mail: thomas.lofblad@uds.se Also see our web sites: www.globalfun.com or www.uds.se. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/05/20010205BIT00160/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/05/20010205BIT00160/bit0002.pdf