UDS Strengthens Board of Directors

UDS Strengthens Board of Directors [Norrköping, Sweden, January 29, 2001.] The leading Scandinavian developer of computer, video and console games, UDS, has strengthened its Board by electing two new Members with experience and knowledge in e.g. business development, telecommunications and entertainment. Hans von Schreeb (Member of the Board of e.g. Kanal 5, Domsjö Fabriker and DCM Holding) becomes new Chairman of UDS' Board while Anders J Ericsson (responsible for Ericsson's sales strategies regarding the third-generation mobile systems) becomes a new Board Member. Hans von Schreeb (new Board Chairman) has been Managing Director of and is now Chairman of the Board of Kanal 5, and has also worked for SBS which owns Kanal 5. Mr. Von Schreeb is also Chairman of the Board of DCM Holding AB and a Member of the Board of Wideyes AB, Förlags- och Medieförbundet and AIK Fotboll AB. In addition, he is part-owner and Member ofthe Board of Domsjö Fabriker AB. Hans von Schreeb holds a law degree. Anders J Ericsson (new Board Member) has extensive experience from leading positions in several corporations, mainly within the telecommunications sector. Mr. Ericsson has mainly been involved in business and strategy development but also in education/training and marketing. Anders J Ericsson is presently responsible for Ericsson's sales strategies rd regarding the 3 generation mobile systems (as Director of Sales Strategy & tactics for UMTS). Anders J Ericsson holds a Master of Art. The rest of the Board of UDS consists of: Ulf Svensson, Managing Director of Slottsbacken Venture Capital, Jörgen Axelson, founder of IQ Media Nordic AB and Diggibag.com, Jan Samuelsson, management consultant and Member of the Board of e.g. IMG and Acando AB, and Peter Zetterberg, founder of and Creative Director of UDS. About UDS: UDS, Unique Development Studios AB, was founded in 1997 and is today Scandinavia's leading and most profitable developer of computer-, video- and console games. UDS has over 90 employees at its headquarters in Norrköping and in Britain. UDS is owned by its founders and employees, and by Slottsbacken Venture Capital, Nordico Invest and Banc of America Equity Partners. UDS has well established partnerships with many of the leading publishing companies in the world, and the company has received several large orders for computer and video games lately. In June, UDS received its largest order ever by being commissioned to develop a computer game for French publishing giant Infogrames based on the popular European comics and cartoon series Asterix & Co. UDS recently announced the acquisitions of rights to develop computer, video and consol games based on the popular American animated TV series Futurama. UDS wishes to continue its rapid growth which includes both a strong organic growth and acquisitions of minor interactive entertainment companies. UDS is also developing and marketing products for interactive entertainment through its subsidiary GlobalFun. UDS will also develop games for digital TV and cellular phones. För further information and illustrations please contact: Thomas Lofblad Managing Director, UDS Ph: +46 11 12 31 65 Cellph: +46 708 62 44 63 E-mail: thomas.lofblad@uds.se Also visit our web site: www.uds.se. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/01/29/20010129BIT00240/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/01/29/20010129BIT00240/bit0002.pdf