British singles spend more than £168 million looking for love online

Nearly 30% of all relationships are formed online in 2012

LONDON, 17. September 2012 - The Brits have crossed a milestone in the online dating sector, according to the annual study published by industry experts “”. In 2011, people from the UK spent more than £9.6 million more than in the previous year on online dating. The industry is also a hit in Europe: nearly a third of people who meet each other for love now do so online.

The British online dating market grew a full 6% on the previous year – in 2011, turnover stood at £168.5 million. This huge increase is due largely to aggressive advertising on the part of leading online dating sites. “Premium-priced quality platforms which have well-honed audiences and good customer service are the ones who get ahead in all sectors”, says Danielle Baker from LeadingDatingSites, summarizing the survey. “Single customers are willing to pay more for better service”.

Online dating is a booming industry around the world, and European singles have caught on, becoming the sector’s largest audience. In 2012, nearly thirty percent of all relationships in the EU are formed online, and the British are holding the fort. Every month, around 6.2 million users log on to dating sites, and a further 2.7 million take part in ‘casual dating’, looking for erotic encounters. At the same time, Britain hosts about 50 online dating sites which have now crossed the 100,000 member mark.

Less pricey, but somewhat more superficial sites for 18-30 year olds have become available to those looking for casual dates and a distraction from the Facebook environment. They are also available as Smartphone Apps and offer features such as location-based real-time search functions for spontaneous encounters.


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