new survey: 30% of meat-eaters won't date vegetarians and have recently joined forces to do a survey to 4,000 singles about their eating habits and their willingness to date someone with different habits.

The results of the survey were surprising. Apparently 30 percent of meat-eaters wouldn't date a vegetarian or vegan. On the other hand, only 4 percent of vegetarians wouldn't date a meat-eater.

Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific adviser, blaims biology for this counterintuitive results. In her own words, “Mankind’s first luxury was meat, and when carnivores share food – what they are sharing is this luxury. It’s more than just cultural, it’s instinctual.” Dr. Fisher continued, men who are vegetarian may be perceived as being less “manly” – and that may go back to our caveman days. "In a lot of cultures it would be considered less manly – men used to bring home the meat, they were the hunters,” said Fisher. “If you came in carrying a potato versus a hunk of gazelle, it made a difference."

Another trait that meat-eaters share is that vegetarians come off as being picky, and according to the survey, 66 percent of singles found picky eaters to be a turn-off.

The solution? Flexibility. according to Dr. Fisher, both sides should accomodate and be flexible and creative in order to be able to share life having different eating beliefs.

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London, February 12, 2011 - UK singles have been jumping on online dating websites for several years. Meanwhile, most of them are prepared to pay for these services - at a progressive rate, this is also the case for ladies. This is one of the findings of the recent survey
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Mankind’s first luxury was meat, and when carnivores share food – what they are sharing is this luxury.
Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific adviser
Men who are vegetarian may be perceived as being less “manly” – and that may go back to our caveman days.
Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific adviser