UK's Leading Dating Sites: The United Kingdom is Europe’s online dating hotspot

Highest concentration of singles, highest turnover – Brits dominate on all fronts

LONDON, 26. November 2012- The information portal has compared the European dating industries for the first time in a cross-border study. "The European Online Dating Sector 2012" has come to a flattering conclusion for the British: when it comes to seeking a partner on the Internet they are way out in front on several scores.

Every month, 32 million out of some 396 million Europeans log on to dating sites seeking a partner, i.e. a good half of all the European singles regularly surfing the Internet. And another 15 million Europeans log on to “adult dating” sites seeking erotic encounters of all kinds. A good proportion of these are logging on from the British Isles, where 6.3 million Britons visit dating sites every month and another 2.8 million are using dating sites to look for erotic encounters.

It’s not just that the UK has the highest concentration of single people in the European comparative study. “The British also hold all the cards with the most colourful dating landscape", in the opinion of Robert Bailey of No other European country is as varied and diverse as the United Kingdom, particularly when you consider the vast array of themed singles dating sites, from “Cougar Dating” to “Uniform Dating”. Europe has around 5,000 dating portals and approximately 1,500 of these come from the UK.

And when it comes to turnover, the UK beats the other Europeans hands down as well. Although it has a much smaller population, the UK, generating an annual turnover of € 211 million euro, is well ahead of Germany, which comes second with € 203 million, followed by France with €122 million in third place. Bailey puts Britain’s lead in Europe down to its mentality. "The British are just so enlightened and open minded and that’s why so many people try online dating”

The compact study “The European Online Dating Market 2012” is available as a PDF

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