BikeAround shown at Pop-Up Magazine’s Spring tour in the U.S.

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Pop-Up Magazine is a concept that uses different forms of media to tell stories. Their events are attended by many and are only performed live. During their current spring tour around the U.S. Anne-Christine Hertz, senior advisor at Camanio Care, participates and tells the story about BikeAround.

The story about BikeAround begins in Halmstad, Sweden, where Anne-Christine Hertz were looking for ways to get people with dementia to become more active, both physically and mentally. This led to the creation of BikeAround, an experience bike that uses Google Street View to make it possible for the cyclist to move around with relative freedom in familiar environments, using a large screen and an exercise bike. Several reviews have found that using the bike has a positive effect on cognition and memory. 

Google have also given the invention attention, and the short video they produced about it, Riding to Remember, is part of the performance by Anne-Christine Hertz at the Pop-Up Magazine event. 

– There is today no cure for dementia, but physical activitity can help stimulate both physical and mental abilities. As an inventor at the Health Technology Center in Sweden, I wanted to find a way to motivate the elderly with dementia to exercise more, in a safe and secure way. The result was BikeAround. It was only supposed to be a prototype, an experiment, but the result was something a lot bigger. This is only one example of how technology can change people’s lives, says Anne-Christine Hertz, senior advisor at Camanio Care.

BikeAround has been a part of the regular offering of products, services and solutions at Camanio Care. It can today be found in several locations in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

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