Camanio Care AB invests SEK 3.2 million in Brighters share issue financed with a loan

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Camanio Care AB (publ) (which intends to change name and business focus) completes its previosly communicated investment in Brighter AB's ongoing share issue, financed by a new interest free loan from CEO Erik Domajnko.

Camanio Care AB divested its welfare technology business to Brighter in October and was paid with shares in Brighter. Brighter is currently making a right issue where Camanio Care AB has subscribed for 1,597,744 new shares for SEK 2 each. The total investment amounts to SEK 3,195,488. 

The loan from Camanio Care ABs CEO Erik Domajnko amounts to SEK 3 million and carries no interest. The term of the loan is three months and the subscribed shares in Brighter that are financed through the loan are pledged as collateral for the loan.

Following this share issue, Camanio Care AB owns 3,195,488 shares in Brighter. As of today’s share price, this corresponds to a market value of approximately SEK 16.1 million.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Domajnko, CEO Camanio Care AB

Phone: +4670-536 32 65


About Camanio Care (undergoing change of name)
Camanio Care AB previously operated in the field of welfare technology. This business is now run within the limited company Camanio AB, which is owned by Brighter. The listed company Camanio Care AB owns share in Brighter AB and will change its name and operations.

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