Camanio Cares signs deal with distributor for Bestic in Switzerland

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Camanio Care har signed a distribution agreement for Bestic with Posso GmbH. The agreement means that Posso gains exclusive sales rights to the Bestic products in Switzerland.

Posso GmbH was founded by Fabian Neubauer out of the desire to improve the quality of life for people with special needs. The company offers innovative solutions of high technical quality to their clients, solutions that would otherwise be hard to get in Switzerland. Fabian Neubauer has himself cerebral palsy, a personal experience which has driven him to contribute to increased quality of life for others with disabilities. He was never himself prevented from studying, working or travelling because of his impairment, and is now committed to give others the same opportunities.

– I met Camanio Care in Düsseldorf on a fair and was immediately drawn to Bestic. It is an innovative aid tool that makes life easier for people and gives them the freedom of eating on their own. It also helps care staff focus on the right things, as well as decreasing the stress in the mealtime situation. Bestic fits perfectly with the Posso vision and strategy and we are keenly looking forward to starting distribution. We are also happy that we were able to easily rent Bestic at first, to test it on the Swiss market, says Fabian Neubauer, CEO of Posso GmbH.

Switzerland is a well-off country with high incomes and good welfare status. At the same time, welfare technology is not as prevalent as in other places. This is partly due to the fact that the market is dominated by a few large companies, which is stifling innovation. Posso challenges this status quo and through the fact that the company was founded on personal experiences and needs, the possibilities for disrupting the market are high. The target group in Switzerland has a high spending power and the possibilities of public or insurance financed aid tools are also large, which increases the chances of growth.

– We look very positively on the deal with Posso GmbH and we are convinced that this can lead to a breakthrough for Bestic on the Swiss market. We have had a few Bestic units rented to Posso for a while now and we are both happy with the results of that rental agreement. It feels very good that we are now moving forward and signing this deal, to be able to get Bestic out to more people and improve their quality of life and sense of freedom, says Al Saad Chowdhury, International Sales Manager at Camanio Care.

For more information, please contact:

Catharina Borgenstierna, CEO
Telephone: +46 733-93 00 07

About Camanio Care

Camanio Care is a care technology company developing smart solutions for digital home care with the individual in focus. The company offers digital service platforms, products and services, such as Vital Smart Care, ICE, BikeAround, Bestic and Giraff. Through optimizing the mix of physical and digital care, Camanio Care works to support the basic needs of individuals and increasing the freedom, efficiency and quality of care. Camanio Care has its headquarters in Stockholm, the subsidiary Camanio Care Inc. in the U.S., and distributors in Asia, Middle East, Hongkong, Australia and tens of European countries.

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