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Ultimate Performance (U.P.) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Asia’s largest healthy food chain, SaladStop! Group.

This collaboration between SaladStop!’s professional chefs, and the world's leading personal trainers, means U.P. clients will not only be receiving food of the highest quality and taste, but meals that have been expertly crafted to focus on high protein, healthier carbs, and calorie-controlled targets.

Nutrition and fitness are synonymous they are the two essential factors needed to live a genuinely healthy lifestyle. Brought together by this shared goal, Ultimate Performance and SaladStop! are helping clients lose weight and get into great shape, while eating even tastier foods than ever before.

Chris Richards, Managing Director of Ultimate Performances’ APAC and Middle East gyms said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with SaladStop!, the biggest healthy food chain in Asia. Many of our clients in Singapore are extremely busy people, pushed for time and juggling the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle. This means that cooking healthy meals everyday can be a struggle. Having prepped meals that are tailored to meet your daily calorie and macronutrient targets is just another way we are supporting our clients achieve their transformation goals. We want our clients to eat delicious meals without sacrificing their health or time.”

Ultimate Performance clients will be able to choose from 16 of SaladStop!’s delicious new menu, with meals, all derived from the U.P. cookbook. As the top fresh food provider in Asia, SaladStop! will ensure that every bite is made with fresh, nutrient-rich, and naturally sourced ingredients.

Frantz Braha Chief Growth Officer of SaladStop! said: “Here at SaladStop! we’re on a mission to empower the next generation to make healthier, more conscious choices in their daily lives. We continually seek partners and opportunities that will bridge the gap towards our goal of becoming Asia’s leading personalised nutrition company and that’s exactly why we’ve invested in our relationship with Ultimate Performance. The synergy between our business goals is undeniable. With U.P.’s workforce of skilled personal trainers and SaladStop!’s ability to craft and source the freshest, most delicious ingredients that hit proven macro-specific meal plans, we’re confident clients will see the results they’re targeting.”

Meals will be available 7 days a week, rather than the Monday to Friday service most other companies offer. This will be a fantastic addition to clients who find it harder to achieve their goals during the weekends, when they are on the go.

“I like that the meals are delicious, and the calorie count is done for me. With that stress off my back, I could focus on my workouts and cardio exercises.” said U.P. client Ann Wong.

“The food from other food prep providers that I’ve tried are either overcooked or doesn’t store well. And sometimes the portions seemed inconsistent and that throws my calories-counting exercise off, which is frustrating.

“These salads are simple yet tasty. Despite the low-calorie count, I’m surprisingly full after each meal!” She said.

Since the business was launched in 2009, Ultimate Performance has helped more than 25,000 clients across the world achieve their fitness goals. From a single gym in London, U.P. has expanded to now have 21 gyms across the world, spread over nine countries and four continents.

To find out more, visit Ultimate Performance’s and SaladStop!’s respective websites.

For any interviews, more details, or media requests, please email Namitha Ragunath, PR Assistant at Ultimate Performance, at namitha.ragunath@upfitness.com


  • Ultimate Performance (U.P.) was founded in 2009 in London by world-leading personal trainer Nick Mitchell.
  • U.P. have forged a reputation as the world’s foremost body transformation experts delivering exceptional client results under the mantra ‘maximum results, minimum time’.
  • The business has grown to become the world’s only truly international personal training company, with 21 private personal training facilities across the globe, including London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Cheshire, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Mumbai.
  • Now, U.P. boasts a team of more than 300 elite personal trainers across the global business, working with thousands of successful body transformation clients.
  • Men’s Fitness Magazine describes UP as: ‘The Goldman Sachs, Real Madrid, and Apple of Personal Training. They’re that far ahead of the field.’
  • Notable U.P. clients include Gemma Atkinson, Paddy McGuinness, Scott Mills, Glen Powell, Olivia Colman, and Kevin McHale.
  • The company prides itself on a results-driven training and nutrition methodology across its Personal Training, Group Training and Online Personal Training packages to optimise health, fitness, and body composition.


  • SaladStop! was founded in 2009 with the aim of bringing a new dimension to salads and a new approach to fast food.
  • SaladStop! currently operates in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Korea and Vietnam.
  • SaladStop’s goal is to share a more conscious way of eating and help people realise that our food, our communities and our environment are all connected.
  • SaladStop! strives to move all SaladStop! outlets to net-zero by 2030.
  • When you order in the SaladStop! app, you can contribute by adding $0.20 to your order. This compensates for the greenhouse gas emissions required to produce a SaladStop! meal but also ensures offsetting an additional 20 times more CO2e.