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Miami, FL., Sept. 20, 2011--For men who make wellness a priority, the health of their prostate is an important concern. Thus, the American Urological Foundation Association (AUFA) designated September as Prostate Awareness Month in 1999. Since then, former U.S. President George Bush declared it a national month of observance with the goal of promoting awareness, education, research and public health screenings. Since most prostate health issues are highly treatable, the advancement of public awareness has the potential to seriously and positively impact the lives of hundreds of men each year.

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The prostate is an exocrine gland of the reproductive system. In males, it serves an important role in healthy reproductive functions. As such, a healthy prostate plays a vital role in fertility. Health concerns regarding the prostate range from very mild to serious. The most common types of prostate symptoms are: 


Prostatitis is enlargement of the prostate gland. Most cases are of indeterminate cause, and require no treatment. Symptoms include:

• Urgent, or abnormally frequent need to urinate

• Difficulty urinating

• Painful urination, often characterized by burning sensations

• Discomfort during ejaculation. Some cases of prostatitis are caused by bacterial infections, and require antibiotic treatment.

Men who suspect they may have prostatitis should see their physician immediately for a proper diagnosis of its cause, and a proper treatment strategy. 

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia also refers to an enlargement of the prostate. Unlike prostatitis, the condition is caused by the formation of nodules in the periurethral area within the prostate. As these nodules begin to compress the urethra, sufferers experience difficulties urinating. Improper storage and voiding of urine can, potentially, cause urinary tract infections. In severe cases characterized by urinary retention, complications can lead to serious medical complications, including renal (kidney) failure. Diagnosis includes an ultrasound exam to rule out malignancies. Treatment may be comprised of alpha-blockers, minimally invasive surgery, or in some countries, herbal remedies. 

Prostate Cancer

Certainly the most feared of all prostate health issues is prostate cancer. According to recent research, as many as 80% of all men who live to the age of 80 will be diagnosed with it at some point. On the bright side, when caught early, prostate cancer is usually very responsive to treatment. Thus, regular screenings and early detection are keys to surviving. Signs and symptoms often mimic those of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, making it essential that one seek the immediate care of a physician should they be noticed.

Additionally, most cases of prostate cancer are detected during routine rectal exams, making exams a "must" for all men over the age of forty. Properly caring for the health of your prostate is essential for men. Not only does it prevent discomfort, and support a healthy reproductive life- it can save your very life itself.

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