Capacity and quality in focus when Högland invests in Valutec kilns

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Höglands Såg & Hyvleri invests in two continuous kilns from Valutec for its sawmill at Anundsjö, Sweden. After the investments, the company’s drying capacity will reach 375,000 cubic meters (158,916 MBF) annually.
“With the sawmill in full operation, we have experienced the lumber drying kilns as a limiting factor. This investments main benefits are the improved flow on our production line and the increased quality of the finished product,” says David Markusson, CEO of Höglands Såg & Hyvleri.

Höglands Såg & Hyvleri is a family-owned company comprised of the sawmills, Höglandssågen and Anundsjösågen, in addition to the grading department located at Domsjö. The sawmill saws both fir and pine, mainly for use as construction lumber and primarily sold on the Swedish and UK markets. Together, the sawmills produce approx. 320,000 cubic meters (135,608 MBF) of lumber products annually.

“Valutec has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Höglands and has previously supplied kilns to both Anundsjö and Höglands. It’s an honor for us to be able to supply the new kilns for Anundsjösågen. It’s an excellent testament to our collaborative relationship and we look forward to starting the project,” says Jon Lindberg, Sales Manager at Valutec.

Anundsjösågen invested in two similar kilns from Valutec as late as in 2015, which helped facilitate their choice of supplier this time around.

“The kilns we bought in 2015 have worked well and, of course, the operators having experience in using and operating the machines has its advantages,” says David Markusson. “We know Valutec and how they work, while at the same time we feel a sense of security in knowing that the company, like us, has its headquarters up in the north of Sweden.”

The kilns Anundsjösågen invests in are FB continuous kilns, built in stainless steel with an annual capacity of approx. 50,000 cubic meters (21,118 MBF) per kiln. They are equipped with pressure frames, for minimal deformation of the uppermost lumber layer, and Valutec’s heat recovery system. The delivery also includes the Valmatics 4.0 control system.

Installation of the new lumber kilns will begin in August 2021.

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Jon Lindberg, Sales Manager, Valutec
+46 910 879 50

David Marcusson, CEO, Höglands Såg & Hyvleri AB
+46 340 66 65 60

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