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  • Major breakthrough for Valutec in Russia – Ilim Timber in Ust-Ilimsk to modernize three progressive kilns

Major breakthrough for Valutec in Russia – Ilim Timber in Ust-Ilimsk to modernize three progressive kilns

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Ilim Timber, one of the world’s largest sawmilling groups, invests in the modernization of progressive kilns. Valutec will convert three of Ilim’s existing 1-zone kilns to modern 2-zone progressive kilns. 
“We need to increase our capacity and quality. Valutec came up with an impressive solution.  By converting existing 1-zone kilns to modern 2-zone kilns we will gain significantly more capacity and major increase in our drying quality in a very cost-effective way,says Viktor Melnik at Ilim Timber.

Ilim Timber is Russia’s major producer of larch and pine sawn timber and biggest exporter of sawn timber. The company has production facilities in north-west Russia, eastern Siberia and Germany and the total production capacity amounts to over 2,6 million cubic meters (1,1 million MBF) of sawn timber. 

At their sawmill UST-ILIMSK located in eastern Siberia the company today has several 1-zone Valmet progressive kilns. As a first step to modernize the sawmill, increase capacity and gain better quality Ilim has decided to convert three of the existing kilns to 2-zone OTC kilns. 

“Our plan is to modernize the entire sawmill. If this project works out well the modernization of the rest of the kilns will follow. When we’re ready our capacity will increase significantly,” says Viktor Melnik.

The “new” kilns will be equipped with pressure frames for minimal deformation of the top lumber layers, Valutec's air/air heat recovery system and Valmatics control system, which enables the customer to have full control throughout the entire drying process. 

“I’m very excited about this project. Ilim Timber is a famous brand, known for its’s quality and they have been very professional in all negotiations. This is our first delivery to them and hopefully this is the start of a long and fruitful cooperation,” says Timo Kanerva, General Director of LLC Valutec.

For more information, please contact:
Timo Kanerva, General Director
LLC Valutec  
+358 5061117


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