Quality and energy efficiency essential factors in Frödinge’s choice of lumber kilns

Frödinge Hällerum Timber is investing in four trolley-fed batch kilns from Valutec. This will increase capacity for lumber drying at the sawmill in Frödinge and also facilitate quality gains.
“We are known for high quality, and the drying process is essential in order to deliver the best products. The trolley-fed solution also helps us to achieve important energy savings,” says Torbjörn Svensson, MD of Frödinge Hällerum Timber.

The sawmill in Frödinge, which currently has a production capacity of 50,000 cubic metres, has invested in its production chain over the past five years, including updating its saw line. The drying equipment is now being updated with four e-trolley-fed batch kilns, replacing an older continuous kiln and two conventional batch kilns.  

“The staff are familiar with the control system and are trained in drying technique, and that goes for our second sawmill in Hällerum too. We see major benefits to having equipment and drying control systems that are familiar at both sawmills. It makes for a valuable discussion forum between our kiln operators. In addition, it is a reliable system, with good support and service technicians in southern Sweden who can help us when we need it,” says Torbjörn. 

These investments mean that the entire group now uses Valutec’s drying technology and control systems. 

“Being entrusted to supply further equipment is the best testimonial you can receive from a customer. It also shows the importance of a broad and customised product range with both forklift-fed and e-trolley-fed kilns,” says Jon Lindberg, Sales Manager at Valutec. 

Sixty per cent of Frödinge’s output is re-processed. Frödinge has many customers within the building industry, who demand a high level of quality. 

“For a sawmill, good drying facilities can make the difference between earning money and finding things tough,” says Torbjörn.  

Frödinge sees increased flexibility, a higher utilisation rate and energy savings as benefits of the e-trolley-fed batch kilns, as the exchanges are not dependent on forklift drivers loading the lumber packages. 

“Any trained person can exchange packages in a short time. That was a major reason why we decided on this concept. The operational procedure of preparation and exchange in the kiln takes 20 minutes instead of 90, which is especially important in winter, as it requires a lot of energy to have the kiln open. This is something we are focusing strongly on,” stresses Torbjörn.  

For additional information, please contact 
Jon Lindberg, Sales Manager, Valutec   
+46 (0)70–662 99 99 

Torbjörn Svensson, MD, Frödinge Hällerum Timber
+46 (0)492-511 01


The desire to increase the use of wood is the ultimate reason for Valutec's existence. We have been combining Scandinavian expertise in the field of timber drying with insights into the challenges facing our customers for almost 100 years. This has all been done with the aim of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both as regards value-creating timber kilns as well as intelligent control systems. The Valutec Group has companies in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada, and with more than 4,000 timber kilns delivered, we are the leading supplier in Europe. Read more about our “Good for Wood” outlook at www.valutec.se.


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The desire to increase the use of wood is the ultimate reason for Valutec's existence. We have been combining Nordic expertise in lumber drying with a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers for almost 100 years. Our goal is to expand opportunities not only for value-adding timber kilns, but also in intelligent control systems. The Valutec Group is a part of Addtech Industrial Process and has offices in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada and has an annual turnover of around EUR 40 million. With more than 4 000 timber drying installations delivered, we are a world leader. Find out more about our corporate philosophy "Good for wood" at www.valutec.ca.