Siljan Group invests in ten batch kilns from Valutec

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The Siljan Group sawmills in Älvdalen and Mora are investing in Valutec’s batch kilns and control technology. The contract comprises ten forklift-fed batch kilns with a total capacity of around 120,000 m3 and 29 control systems. It also includes switching to the Valmatics control system throughout the drying park.
“Reliability is one of the contributory reasons why we chose Valutec’s overall solution,” says Tomas Olaspers, MD at Blyberg Timber in Älvdalen.

At Blyberg, the Siljan Group  made a decision in December 2016 to invest in three forklift-fed batch kilns with greater capacity to achieve an increased drying-down ratio. At the same time it was noted that the sawmill needed to be further upgraded. 

“The old kilns that have kept up for a long time proved to be in worse condition than we first thought. We quickly decided to invest in a further three batch kilns from Valutec and the Valmatics control system,” says Tomas Olaspers, MD. 

The investment in drying capacity will also facilitate a capacity increase at the sawmill, from 205,000 cubic meters per year to 245,000 cubic metres.  

“We are investing in the future. In 2011, we invested in a new saw line, and we have now reached a very high level of capacity and the volumes are so big that we quite simply needed greater drying capacity. A lot of what we sell goes direct to end consumers and so a reliable drying process is required and Valutec can give us that,” says Tomas. 

The Siljan Group has grown over the past five years and produces a total of 430,000 cubic metres of sawn timber. Over time the need for increased drying capacity also arose at the sawmill in Mora, which also has TC and continuous kilns at its facility. They have invested in four new batch kilns, with a drying capacity of 50,000 cubic metres per year. 

“Choosing Valutec was a natural and obvious choice for us. We have always had Valutec and are pleased with the accompanying service and support. We have been approached by others in the industry, but have declined their offers”, says Jon Hansson, MD at Siljan Timber. 

The sawmill in Mora produces 70 per cent pine and 30 per cent spruce. A substantial proportion are industrial customers who refine the products, but the Siljan Group also undertakes in-house finishing of flooring and panel components. 

“We are seeing an upsurge for our products with quality pine and good surface treatment, which is positive. The batch kilns can take larger dimensions of planks and we want to increase the drying-down ratio there. With room-dry wood we can make even more pine flooring,” says Jon Hansson. 

Valutec is honoured to be entrusted with this by the Siljan Group. 

“They are a proactive group who we have had the privilege of working with for a long time. It is really gratifying that they have once again chosen us when investing for the future,” says Jon Lindberg, Sales Manager at Valutec.

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