Valutec delivers continuous kilns to Finnish and Baltic sawmills

Valutec continues to win major deals on the international sawmill market. This autumn, the company has sold continuous kilns to Nordwood in Estonia and the Finnish sawmills Ilsalmen Sahat and UPM Alholmen.

“We've sold nine continuous kilns to Finnish sawmills so far this year and now two to the Baltic States. This shows continued growth for this type of kiln and a strong belief in the future in the industry”, says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.

Valutec took their first steps on the Latvian market this summer when the family owned Kurekss sawmill in Latvia invested in a TC continuous kiln with 50,000 cubic metre (21 200 MBF) capacity.  

Valutec is now continuing their inroad into the Baltic market with a deal with the Estonian sawmill Group Nordwood, who has invested in an FB continuous kiln with a capacity for 18 lumber packages at its facility in Viiratsi. The kiln is equipped with pressure frames, a system for heat recovery and Valutec's patented carriage feed system. The capacity amounts to 50,000 cubic metres (21 200 MBF) a year and commissioning takes place in March 2018.  

“Nordwood plans to increase capacity for their entire company group. We're proud to have been given the chance to assist them in their task of developing their drying process”, says Robert Larsson. 

In Finland, the biggest deal of the year for Valutec is Keitele Timber's large investment in six new drying kilns with a total capacity of 300,000 cubic metres (127 100 MBF) in Alajärvi. Valutec has now followed up this deal with another two.  

One of them concerns the UPM group, which has invested in an OTC continuous kiln equipped with pressure frames and a heat recovery system for the sawmill in Alholmen. The other concerns Iisalmen Sahat who have invested in an FB continuous kiln. This is built according to the Valutec standard in stainless steel and is delivered with pressure frames and equipped also with Valutec's own control system, Valmatics. Iisalmen Sahat will use the lumber kiln for side boards. 

“This deal is proof that our control system and kilns meet the needs of sawmills. We are active on an expansive market where there are big demands put on suppliers. That’s why it feels extra pleasing that we continue to win the trust of customers in Finland and the Baltic”, Robert Larsson concludes. 

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Robert Larsson, CEO, Valutec 
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