Valutec supplies local Swedish sawmills with their first TC continuous kilns – investments from Martinsons and Norra Skogsägarna (Norra Group)

Following a year where Valutec grew on several international markets, 2018 is off to a flying start with three major deliveries to Västerbotten county in the norhern parts of Sweden. These were Martinsons, who invested in one TC continuous kiln and five batch kilns in Bygdsiljum, and Norra Skogsägarna who invested in TC continuous kilns for their sawmills in Kåge and Sävar. Both companies made investments as a key part of comprehensive increases in production.

“It's fantastic to see our regional sawmills developed, and also an honor that they chose us as their partner in major future investments. I’m also proud of us supplying facilities that not only increase their production capacity but also help to further optimize their production,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.     

Martinsons is first up, and will put its new TC continuous kiln into operation after the summer. It will have a capacity of around 100,000 cubic meters (42,000 MBF) per year and is primarily used for drying side-sawn boards. In addition to this, the company is investing in five batch kilns, which will be used both for planks and boards. The investments are one part of the production increase in Bygdsiljum, which as a first stage means an increase from 300,000 cubic meters (127,000 MBF) to 415,000 cubic meters (176,000 MBF) annually. 
Valutec is our skilled local supplier which could also satisfactorily meet our needs in terms of both delivery time and type of unit. It wasn’t a hard choice for us to continue working together with them,” says Olov Martinson, Production Manager at Martinsons.  

Norra Skogsägarna’s new TC continuous kiln in Kåge will be ready in January 2019, and the one in Sävar is to be put into operation in October 2018. The company's total drying capacity will increase by around 200,000 cubic meters (85,000 MBF). In Kåge, the capacity has almost doubled in eight years, from around 130,000 cubic meters (55,000 MBF) to 240,000 cubic meters (102,000 MBF). This includes previous investments in batch kilns from Valutec. Drying capacity has peaked, which has lead to the investment in a new TC continuous kiln. 
“This gives us high capacity per SEK, and as we saw both pine and spruce, we also need to ensure significant flexibility. Purely from a design perspective, we’re also very happy with Valutec's kilns. The batch kilns from 2011 are dependable and look almost new after six years’ operation. Which clearly bodes well,” says Johan Oja, Technical Manager at Norra Skogsägarna. 

Norra Skogsägarna is an economic association owned by 17,000 individual forest owners with a collective forest holding of more than one million hectares of forest land. Family-owned Martinsons is one of Sweden’s leading producers of glue-laminated and cross-laminated wood.

For additional information, please contact:

Robert Larsson, CEO
Tel: +46 70 336 40 58 

Olov Martinson, Production Manager
Tel: +46 914 207 58

Johan Oja, Technical Manager
Norra Skogsägarna
Tel: +46 70 335 52 58


The desire to increase the use of wood is the ultimate reason for Valutec's existence. We have been combining Scandinavian expertise in the field of timber drying with insights into the challenges facing our customers for almost 100 years. This has all been done with the aim of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both as regards value-creating timber kilns as well as intelligent control systems. The Valutec Group has companies in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada, and with more than 4,000 timber kilns delivered, we are the leading supplier in Europe. Read more about our “Good for Wood” outlook at


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The desire to increase the use of wood is the ultimate reason for Valutec's existence. We have been combining Nordic expertise in lumber drying for almost 100 years with a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers. Our goal is to expand opportunities not only for value-adding lumber dry kilns, but also in intelligent control systems. The Valutec Group is a part of Addtech Industrial Process and has offices in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada and has an annual turnover of around EUR 40 million. With more than 6 000 lumber drying installations delivered, we are a world leader. Find out more about our corporate philosophy "Good for wood" at