Vida Nössemark increases drying capacity

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Vida Nössemark is investing in a continuous drying kiln from Valutec. This will increase the annual drying capacity at the sawmill by 70,000 cubic meters (29,700 MBF). 
"Our previous experiences working with Valutec have been good. We know each other well and we know the project will be workable and straightforward", says Styrbjörn Johansson, CEO at Vida Nössemark.

Nössemark, in the province of Värmland, produces planed structural lumber with a good deal being exported to Asia. Today, the sawmill produces 150,000 cubic meters (63,600 MBF) but has plans to eventually expand to 250,000 cubic meters (106,000 MBF). Investing in a continuous drying kiln from Valutec will increase the drying capacity by 70,000 cubic meters (29,700 MBF), while the quality of the wood will also increase. 

The new continuous drying kiln is the first investment in drying equipment since Vida purchased the facility from Moelven in 2016. The sawmill previously had 12 compartment kilns.

"The continuous drying kiln will fit like a glove for the products we produce and the type of lumber we saw", says Styrbjörn. 

Over the years, Valutec has delivered several kilns to the Vida group and recently delivered a similar plant to Vida Alvesta. 
"It’s a real honour to be able to continue delivering to the Vida group. I see it as acknowledgement of our good collaboration and we look forward to starting the project”, says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec. 

The continuous drying kiln is of FB type and has heat recovery. It will be used exclusively to dry 2.45 metre spruce planks to a moisture content of 18 per cent.

The kiln comes with Valutec's new Valmatics 4.0 control system. This is the only control system that combines adaptive control simulator technology and enables optimisation of capacity, quality and energy consumption at the same time. The delivery also includes a switch to Valmatics 4.0 on two existing compartment kilns from another supplier. Since the other ten compartment kilns were previously controlled by Valmatics, this means that Nössemark will have Valmatics control systems on all their dryers.
“We feel very assured with Valutec control systems. Control is important for many reasons, both in terms of quality and capacity but equally important is the user-friendliness for those working with the system daily”, says Styrbjörn.

Installation of the kiln and replacement of the control systems will commence in January 2020 and the facility is expected to be operational in April next year.

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Robert Larsson, CEO
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