Vattenfall improving energy efficiency at SCA plants

Vattenfall improving energy efficiency at SCA plants Vattenfall is implementing energy-saving measures at SCA Packaging's plant in Munksund and SCA Hygiene's plant in Mannheim, Germany. These measures are seen as a breakthrough for energy-efficiency programmes for large and important customers. Vattenfall has replaced two bark presses at SCA Packaging Munksund in Piteå. Squeezing water from the bark more effectively provides drier bark, which burns better and thus gives off more heat. The new bark presses have now been commissioned. This investment is part of a more extensive action programme that was adopted following an energy-efficiency study. Vattenfall conducted this study in accordance with an agreement signed with SCA Packaging Munksund in Piteå in December 1999. In line with this agreement, Vattenfall is now building a new CHP plant and will supply steam and electricity to the mill over a period of 18 years. The agreement also entails Vattenfall implementing energy-saving measures under a savings guarantee during the period of the agreement. SCA Packaging Munksund in Piteå produces kraft liner for packaging. "We are planning to implement measures throughout the entire period of the agreement that will save SCA at least SEK 1 million per year, net", says John Murray, Vattenfall's Project Manager. "With the new bark presses and future efficiency-improvement projects we will cut our costs considerably. The basis for the co-operation model with Vattenfall has been to provide both implementation resources and expertise that will help us to improve the efficiency of our plant", says Donald Grahn, Production Manager at SCA Munksund. A similar agreement on the improvement of energy efficiency has been signed with SCA Hygiene Products GmbH in Mannheim, which manufactures hygiene products and necessary raw materials. Vattenfall has identified several measures, which will be implemented at the Mannheim plant in a first phase. The first of these measures concerns condensate recycling and equipment for this is under construction. This measure will provide a total value to the customer of SEK1.5 - 2 million per year. Next in line are measures in which low-grade heat from the evaporation plant will replace steam for the heating of fresh water and in the process. This will be followed by improvements in the efficiency of the digester for continuous cooking. "These two deals represent a breakthrough for business in which Vattenfall's expertise is used to identify and implement measures designed to improve efficiency at the plants of large and important customers", says John Murray. From Vattenfall's Press Office, telephone: 08-739 50 10. For further information please contact: John Murray, Business Project Manager, Vattenfall AB Mega, telephone: +46-70-664 54 66. Donald Grahn, Production Manager, SCA Packaging Munksund, telephone: +46 911 98 170, mobile: +46-70-624 25 95. Vattenfall's vision is to be a leading European energy company. Today, Vattenfall generates power and supplies energy solutions to several million customers in the Nordic region and northern Europe. The largest electricity customers are industrial plants and energy companies. Vattenfall's main products are electricity and heat. The Group's net sales in 2001 are estimated to over SEK 60 billion. For more information, see ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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Vattenfall’s vision is to be a leading European energy company. Vattenfall’s main products are electricity and heat. Today, Vattenfall generates electricity, produces heat and supplies energy to several million customers in the Nordic countries and northern Europe. The major customers are industrial plants, energy companies, municipalities, property companies and housing associations. For further information, please see The media service section, including a picture archive and Vattenfall’s press releases, can be found under News & Comments.