Elisa to pilot first vdsl trials with customers

ELISA TO PILOT FIRST VDSL TRIALS WITH CUSTOMERS Elisa Communications' customers to reap the rewards of VDSL technology VDSL Systems Inc., Europe's pioneer of VDSL (Very-high-speed Digital Subscriber Line) products for IP networks, today announced a new business deal with Elisa, a major Finnish telecommunications operator. The deal provides Elisa with robust, cost-effective and easily managed equipment for selected customers within the graphical industry. VDSL IP-based equipment will be deployed as last mile technology, from the local exchange to the end user. For Elisa, cost-effective broadband means that VDSL technology is competitively priced when compared to other technologies. Available transmission speeds are many times faster than other competing technologies, and the management system makes it easy to remotely configure the equipment. Jouko Kuisma, Sales Manager at Elisa, comments, "In the graphical industry, high resolution pictures are often very large in size and transmission schedules are strict. With VDSL the wait is over and the high bitrates enable very fast transmission of picture data." Essentially, VDSL Systems' specialism in IP-based products originates from the reality that IP protocol already dominates almost every type of communication. IP-based VDSL technology provides many advantages over alternative xDSL, including simplification of product software and hardware architectures, as well as minimised costs of management and ownership. The key feature of VDSL technology is its ability to transform existing copper lines into 'super-fast' highways, transporting data at up to 26Mbps symmetrically compared to ADSL technology which supports a maximum of 8Mbps downlink and 800kbps uplink. Kuisma concludes, "We have high expectations for the VDSL technology and are proud to be the very first in Finland to apply it in real world use." Jussi Autere, President of VDSL Systems Inc., comments, "IP based VDSL opportunities are emerging everywhere, and Elisa has realised the benefits this solution provides. Elisa's recognition of this and the rewards seen by its customers, will act as a catalyst in bringing standardisation to the fore". About Elisa Elisa Communications is a leading communications service provider in Finland. The group offers wireless voice, data and Internet services. Network communication competence and Internet services range from e-mail to e-business. In Finland, Elisa Communications operates on a local and nationwide basis. It is the market leader in providing connections for high-speed data transmission. In its international activities, the group focuses on the Baltic rim. Hitherto, the emphasis has been on Germany and the Baltics. In the areas of selected top know-how the group's business is global. The group 1999 net sales amounted to FIM 6.4 billion and the group employs almost 6,500 people. Visit the Elisa website at: http://www.elisa.com About VDSL Systems, Inc. VDSL Systems, Incorporated is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and has subsidiaries in Denver and Copenhagen. The company specialises in developing VDSL products (Very-high-speed Digital Subscriber Line) for IP networks. The Ivalo® and SpeeDSLAM products of VDSL Systems are systems to be deployed for building fast access connections to the Internet and other IP networks. Visit the VDSL Systems web site at: http://www.vdslsystems.com Editor's Contacts Interviews, photography and further information are available from Claire Adam or Stephen Humphrey at MCC International. VDSL Systems Inc. MCC International Ltd Chris Britton Claire Adam/Stephen Humphrey President tel. 01962 888 100 Tel. USA +1 720 344 8414 claire.adam@mccint.com 1745 Shea Center Drive stephen.humphrey@mccint.com 4th Floor, Highlands Ranch CO 80126 USA ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/20/20001120BIT00050/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/20/20001120BIT00050/bit0002.pdf