New Contracts for Veidekke in Northern Norway worth NOK 126 million

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Veidekke has signed new contracts with a total value of NOK 126 million. The new contracts include residential and non-residential buildings, and span a geographic area from Tromsø to Rørvik.
Veidekke's subsidiary UNI-Bygg is erecting a new shopping centre in Harstad for Nordic Hotellene AS. The shopping centre covers two floors totalling 6,200 m2. The structure is being made from pre-fabricated elements delivered by Block Berge Bygg, also a subsidiary of Veidekke. The contract includes extensive refurbishing work, as the new building will be an integrated part in the already built-up harbour area. Construction has already started and the new shopping centre will be completed by the end of November 2003. The contract is a turn-key project at a price of NOK 47 million.

UNI-Bygg has also been awarded a contract for the construction of a new shopping centre and 12 flats at Rørvik. The builder is a property development company, Rørvik Torg AS. The shopping centre has a floor area of 3,500 m2 on two floors. Hakon Group will take up most of the space on the ground floor. The steel structure will be supplied by Block Berge Bygg. Construction starts in December and will be completed in December 2003. The contract is a turn-key project at a price of NOK 36 million.

Veidekke's Fauske department is about to start construction of a new health care centre for the municipality of Fauske. The building has four floors including an attic, and will be used as a nursing home for 30 patients. The contract is a turn-key project which will be executed in a 50/50 partnership with the company Fauskebygg. Veidekke's share of the contract has a value of NOK 21 million. The work will be completed in December 2003.

In Tromsø, Veidekke and Nord-Tre is building a care centre for Veidekke Eiendom in a 50/50 partnership. In the new four-storey building, there will be 49 flats specifically designed for the elderly or care-needing people. Part of the basement will be used as a parking area. The construction is traditional with steel girders and wood panelling, and will be completed in December 2003. Veidekke's share of this turn-key project amounts to NOK 22 million.

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