New Contracts Totalling SEK 107 million for Veidekke Stockholm

Veidekke Stockholm AB has in the past few weeks signed contracts for a total amount of approximately SEK 107 million. "We are very pleased to learn that we have the necessary competitive strength. This is a prerequisite of our ability to contribute to Veidekke reaching its goal of becoming a leading Scandinavian contracting company," says Mr. Göran P. Larson, who has recently been appointed Managing Director of Veidekke Stockholm AB.
The contract includes construction of a 3-storey office building. The work will be carried out as a general contract, and will start in January 2002. The construction will be completed in January 2003. The contract price is approximately SEK 23 million.

Railroad Bridge across the river Gide
For Botniabanan AB Veidekke is going to build a railroad bridge in Husum, in the community of Örnsköldsvik. This is a steel beam bridge, 300 metres long. The construction will start in February 2002 and will be completed during summer 2003. Total contract price is approximately SEK 39 million.

Apartments for the Katarina Foundation in Stockholm
The contract includes construction of 59 new flats in Hammarby Sjöstad. Construction will start in January 2002 and completion has been scheduled for summer 2003. This is a total contract worth approximately SEK 45 million.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Göran P. Larson, Managing Director, Veidekke Stockholm AB,
phone +46 8 728 56 40