Share issue directed at Employees - Changes in Share Capital

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For the share issue directed at the employees of Veidekke ASA, a total of 317,219 shares were subscribed for at a price of NOK 43.
In all 270,000 shares were put out for sale, which is a 15.7 per cent over-subscription. This means that there will be a reduction in volume for those who have ordered more than 400 shares.

702 employees have subscribed for shares, of which 229 are new shareholders.

The share has a nominal value of NOK 2.50, thus increasing capital by NOK 675,000 from NOK 67,597,385 to NOK 68,272,385. The premium on the shares is NOK 10,935,000.

After the share issue the number of shares is 27,308,954.