Veidekke ASA: Arcona to build dual sports hall in Älvsjö in Stockholm

The City of Stockholm has awarded Veidekke's subsidiary Arcona the contract to build Kämpetorpshallarna, a dual sports hall 4,000 square metres in size with an accompanying artificial turf pitch in Älvsjö in Stockholm. The project is a design and build contract valued at SEK 127 million excuding VAT. Construction started in March and is scheduled for completion in August 2019.

Kämpetorpshallarna is a dual sports hall with an accompanying artificial turf pitch at Kämpetorpsskolan in Älvsjö. The hall will be approximately 4,000 square metres in size, and includes two full-size sports halls with associated dressing rooms, in addition to a dressing room for outdoor activities. There will be a café and public areas at the entrance.

The sports hall will be certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Guld. It will have a yellow brick façade and a sedum roof so that it blends into the surroundings with the school. The buildings have been designed by AIX Arkitekter and will be an eye-catcher at Älvsjövägen, where a fence will also be erected which is to be decorated by Edith Lundebrekke.

"It is with great pride we are taking on this wonderful Kämpetorpshallarna project. Access to hall time is scarce for sports teams today, so we're please we can build yet another hall that gives young people opportunities for physical activity," says Ella Bringle, project manager with Arcona.

Arcona is also currently building Hägerneholmshallen in Täby and Glömstahallen in Huddinge.
In recent years Arcona has built several sports halls certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Guld or Silver. Examples include Sätrahallen, Grimstahallen, Mötesplats Stuvsta and Vintervikshallen. More information is available at

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Ella Bringle, project manager with Arcona, tel. +46 08-601 21 86, e-mail:
Jørgen Michelet, SVP Finance with Veidekke, tel. +47 917 43 856, e-mail:

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