Veidekke ASA: Awarded new tunnel project by Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Veidekke has signed an agreement with Stockholm Vatten och Avfall in connection with the construction of a new wastewater tunnel which will be part of Stockholm’s future sewage treatment system. The project is an execution contract valued at approximately SEK 600 million and work will start in January 2020.

The project is part of a system to renew and increase Stockholm's sewage treatment capacity. The current treatment plant in Bromma will close down and the wastewater from Västerort will instead be led through a new tunnel to the sewage treatment plants in Sickla and Henriksdal. The increased capacity will help Lake Mälaren’s waters become even cleaner, will decrease discharge into the Baltic Sea, and will eliminate the transport of sewage sludge through residential areas.

“We are pleased that the procurement is now complete and that we can get started with the construction of the sewage tunnel. Today we signed a contract with Veidekke and YIT and look forward to a good cooperation,” says Stefan Rosengren, project manager for Stockholm's future sewage treatment system.

Veidekke's stage is approx. seven kilometres, and includes the construction of work/service tunnels, main tunnels, shafts to the ground surface, and plant structures and installations associated with the tunnel system. The planning work is currently in progress.

“We are extremely pleased to be awarded another project by Stockholm Vatten och Avfall. I am certain that the good relations we have established in previous projects, along with our strong tunnelling expertise, will contribute to the success of a project that will benefit society. Being able to contribute to a better water environment in Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea is something to be proud of, says Marcus Andersson, Regional Director at Veidekke Anläggning Öst.

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