Veidekke ASA: Builds environmentally friendly student homes in Oslo

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The Student Welfare Organization of Oslo and Akershus (SiO) has awarded Veidekke's subsidiary Seby AS the contract to build 82 new family homes in massive wood at Kringsjå student town in Oslo. The contract was won in a design and build competition, and is valued at NOK 149 million excluding VAT.

This will be a very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly project: The three low apartment blocks will have solar panels on the roof and two of the wall façades to produce its own electricity. The construction site will be fossil-free, and in addition 16 new geothermal wells will be drilled to supply the students with local geothermal heat. The production of heat and electricity is planned to exceed the needs of the three buildings, and the surplus will be distributed to other buildings in the student town.

"Building good and modern family homes with such clear environmental ambitions is something we really appreciate at Veidekke. We are pleased with the confidence the Student Welfare Organization has shown in us, and are looking forward to starting this interesting project," says Bjørn Ove Liavaag, head of Veidekke's subsidiary Seby AS.

The project comprises three separate massive wood buildings totalling 6,000 m2 . Between the buildings a common area will be established with a playground, and the project ensures that the spacious outdoor areas and the green character of the student town is maintained.

Construction work will start in September and is scheduled for completion in November 2019.

For more information, contact:

Department Manager Lars Kr Sikkeland, tel. +47 91 83 04 71,  
District Manager Bjørn Ove Liavaag, tel. +47 90 69 35 77,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, tel. +47 90 55 33 22,  
Property Director Helge Christian Haugen at SiO, tel. +47 907 90 453,

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