Veidekke ASA: Changes its organisational structure in Sweden

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Veidekke has decided to implement a structural and organisational change in its Swedish operations, whereby Veidekke Sweden is split into two operational units, Construction Sweden and Infrastructure Sweden. The change is part of Veidekke's strategy as a streamlined contractor and ensures an efficient organisation with a focus on operations and a shorter distance from management to projects.

The split generates changes in the group management team. Mats Nyström leaves his roles as executive vice president, member of the group management team, and CEO of Veidekke Sweden. Charlotta Nilsén and Marcus C. Nilsson will join the group management team as executive vice presidents for Construction Sweden and Infrastructure Sweden, respectively, and will report directly to Veidekke CEO Jimmy Bengtsson.

“The organisational change will result in a more efficient and distinct organisation of Veidekke, ensuring improved operational focus, with a shorter distance from projects to group management,” says Jimmy Bengtsson, CEO of Veidekke.

The new organisational model is based on positive experience from the 2020 reorganisation of Veidekke in Norway. Construction Norway and Infrastructure Norway function as efficient operational profit units, while retaining a close focus on projects.

Mats Nyström started in Veidekke in 2017, where he was first in charge of Veidekke Sweden's residential construction unit, and later became executive vice president and CEO of Veidekke Sweden. Under his management the sales and order book have both grown, and profitability has improved. Veidekke is currently Sweden's fourth largest contractor.

“I would like to thank Mats for his tireless efforts and focus. Mats has been an important and distinct CEO of Veidekke Sweden and has contributed to Veidekke’s current position in Sweden,” says Jimmy Bengtsson.

Mats Nyström leaves his position on 1 July 2021 but will continue to support Veidekke Sweden and the Veidekke Group until 31 December 2021.

Veidekke will report in accordance with the new organisational structure from the third quarter 2021.

For more information, contact:  
Jimmy Bengtsson, Group CEO, ph. +47 984 70 000

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