Veidekke ASA: Enters into partnership with the ZERO Emission Resource Organization

In November 2015 Veidekke committed to operating in accordance with the IPCC's two-degree target. As one of several measures, Veidekke is entering into a strategic partnership with the Zero environmental organization in order to meet the company's climate ambitions. Initially the partnership with Zero will help accelerate the transition to a fossil-free machinery fleet.

The ZERO Emission Resource Organization is an independent, ideal environmental foundation that works to promote zero emission solutions and prevent investments in solutions resulting in emissions.

"The objective of this strategic collaboration is initially to accelerate Veidekke's transition to fossil-free machinery - in other words a transition to electricity, biofuel and hydrogen. Through a joint commitment towards sustainable development, this partnership will further strengthen Veidekke in our contribution to the green shift," says Hege Schøyen Dillner, Veidekke's Executive Vice President with responsibility for HR, HSE and the environment.

Veidekke will also acquire increased knowledge on new technology and other new solutions that may be translated into specific climate action for the Group. In the time ahead both Veidekke and ZERO will enter into dialogue and harness each other's professional and political experience. ZERO will keep Veidekke up to date on developments of relevant political instruments and processes.

"Whereas ZERO works on a strategic and political level to replace polluting technology with emission-free options, Veidekke works every day on developing specific solutions to demonstrate practical environmental excellence. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership," says Hege Schøyen Dillner.

"We're very proud to enter into a partnership with Veidekke, which is a forward-looking and environmentally conscious construction and property development company," says Marius Holm, who heads the ZERO Emission Resource Organization.

"Among other things, we will collaborate on emission-free construction machinery, where Veidekke already is a good example, and in other areas where Veidekke has the opportunity to move the entire industry in a more climate friendly direction. We have great faith that this type of partnership will have positive side effects," Holm says.

Caption: Hege Schøyen Dillner, Veidekke's Executive Vice President with responsibility for HR, HSE and the environment and Marius Holm, who heads the ZERO Emission Resource Organization.

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Hege Schøyen Dillner, Executive Vice President, with responsibility for HR, HSE and the environment, tel. +47 907 35 661,
Marius Holm, CEO, ZERO, tel. +47 957 21 632,

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