Veidekke ASA: New operation and maintenance contracts valued at NOK 1.9 billion

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During the spring Veidekke has entered into six new contracts for the operation and maintenance of national and county roads with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and three county municipalities. The contracts have a duration from four to six years with options for extensions, and the overall value of the contracts is NOK 1.9 billion excluding VAT.

Operation and maintenance includes routine operational tasks and minor maintenance tasks on the road network (including pedestrian and cycle paths) to ensure safe and efficient traffic and maintain the roads to ensure the desired service life. In practice this means clearing, gritting, salting, maintaining landscape areas, tunnel and sign cleaning, clearing ditches and drains, cleaning roads and rest areas and emergency preparedness in the event of accidents and extreme weather conditions.

“We are very pleased with the results in the spring’s tender rounds. Especially because our industry is in such great development with regard to considerations to the climate/environment and restructuring due to the county road reform. At the same time we have worked hard and long to achieve healthy finances. Now we’re looking forward to taking over responsibility for the six new contracts in September and doing everything we can to ensure that road users have as good and safe driving conditions as possible,” says director Kjell Otto Bragstad with Veidekke Infrastruktur.

The new contracts enter into force from 1 September. At that point Veidekke will have 23 ongoing operation and maintenance contracts for national and county roads from Nordland in the north to Agder in the south with annual revenues totalling around NOK 1.3 billion excluding VAT.

The new contracts that are included in Veidekke's order backlog for Q2 2021:

Client Value Where Duration (option)
Viken county municipality 356 799 447 Romerike east 2021-2027 (1 year)
Viken county municipality 240 496 047 Romerike central 2021-2026 (1 year)
Vestfold county municipality 383 801 487 Sunnfjord south 2021-2026 (1-4 years)
Trøndelag county municipality 393 069 527 Steinkjer 2021-2026 (1-4 years)
Trøndelag county municipality 301 470 161 Indre Namdal 2021-2026 (1-4 years)
Norwegian Public Roads Administration 236 713 623 Steinkjer(national roads) 2021-2025 (1-4 years)

For more information please contact:

Kjell Otto Bragstad, Director of Road Maintenance, tel. +47 977 47 097,
Helge Dieset, Communications Manager of Veidekke, tel. +47 90 55 33 22, 

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