Veidekke ASA: To build another stage of the Norrbotniabanan railway

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Veidekke has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to build the Umeå–Dåva section of the Norrbotniabanan railway. The assignment is an execution contract with a contract sum of SEK 449.5 million. The project will start in 2021 and is scheduled for completion in autumn 2023.

The contract includes construction of approx. 10 km completed railway embankment, eight bridges, service and replacement roads, and restoration work.

“We appreciate the continued trust and look forward to building the Norrbotniabanan railway in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, subcontractors and suppliers. Applying our collaborative approach, we will employ the expertise of all parties involved, to come up with the best solutions for the project, says Joakim Karlsson, construction manager, Veidekke Anläggning Nord.

“With the planned major investments in Norrland’s infrastructure and industry, the market here is very attractive,” says Mathias Rönnholm, district manager, Veidekke Anläggning Nord.

Norrbotniabanan is a new 270 km stretch of railway currently under construction in the coastal region between Umeå and Luleå in northern Sweden, and facilitating travel and freight transport throughout the country. With a straighter route adjacent to the coast, where Norrland's largest cities are located, the new and modern Norrbotniabanan will significantly improve transport capacity and be able to handle heavier loads and higher speeds, to the benefit of freight traffic. With transport moving from road to rail, the line is expected to help reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 80,000 tonnes annually.

The contract is included in the order book for the current quarter.

For more information, contact:
Marcus C Nilsson, EVP Veidekke Infrastructure Sweden, ph. +46 76 840 05 56

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