Veidekke ASA: To build car-free tenancy-right apartments for Rikshem in Upplands Väsby

Veidekke’s Swedish building construction operation has been commissioned by LaTERRE to build approx. 70 tenement apartments and two rental premises for Rikshem near the Upplands Väsby train station north of Stockholm. The Nouvelle project is the first project in the Stockholm region where a zoning plan without private parking spaces has been adopted.

The project is located next to the train station in Upplands Väsby and comprises approx. 70 new tenement apartments and two commercial premises, one of which will become Rikshem's administration office for the entire northern Stockholm area. The total lettable area will be approximately 4,100 sqm and the project will be operated in close collaboration with LaTERRE Fastigheter and Rikshem.

”For us, Veidekke is a new contractor and we look forward to building a climate-smart pilot project together, where the location and expanded services can reduce the need for cars and parking spaces. This is something of a pioneer project and it is with pride and a lot of heart that we carry out this project with all parties involved. We know that we cannot continue to plan cities that rely on cars to the extent we do today and we believe that the Nouvelle project is a step in the right direction,” says Erika Lundvall, project manager at LaTERRE.

A unique aspect of the Nouvelle project is the zero-parking zoning plan. This means that no requirements are placed on private parking spaces. A vital point in the collaboration with the municipality has been to provide functions and service offerings that reduce the need for car transport. The building will offer refrigeration space for food deliveries, extra-large mailboxes for home delivery of packages, and solutions for more sustainable means of transport. A common bike pool with different types of bicycles and a pool of bookable cars will also be made available for tenants. Bicycle storage and parking will be well-planned and easily accessible. There will also be spaces for bulky waste, recycling and reuse.

”We are extremely pleased to be entrusted with the project and look forward to working closely with LaTERRE Fastigheter and Rikshem. By working together in mutual involvement, we can take advantage of everyone's expertise and can all contribute to completing a project of the highest quality. A high spec VDC* design and 3D model will provide additional benefits in the production,” says Robin Syrman, project manager at Veidekke.

The order amount is approx. SEK 100 million and the project is planned for completion by the end of 2020.

For press photos, see, for more information, contact:
Robin Syrman, project manager Veidekke Bygg Bostäder Stockholm, tel. +46 070-300 34 28 

Gunilla Lindgren, site manager Veidekke Bygg Bostäder Stockholm, tel. +46 073-662 52 06

Erika Lundvall, project manager LaTERRE Fastigheter, tel. +46 070-874 94 10

*Virtual Design and Construction

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