Veidekke ASA: To continue collaborative contract with HSB Göteborg

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Veidekke has been contracted to build 81 residential units in the HSB brf Ramselyckan development in Öjersjö, northeast of Gothenburg. The collaborative design and build contract has a contract sum of SEK 222 million. After contributing to the first phase of the collaborative project, Veidekke has now been entrusted with completing the project.

“With very good experience from previous collaboration with Veidekke, we look forward to continuing cooperation on the brf Ramselyckan project. We are confident that this will enable us to supply HSB Göteborg's members and customers with high-quality homes,” says Martin Jaworski, project director at HSB Göteborg.

“Gaining HSB Göteborg's trust to continue collaboration on the brf Ramselyckan project makes us very proud. We plan to return their confidence by delivering flawless homes where people will live, stay, and thrive,” says Oskar Twedmark in Veidekke Construction West Sweden.

HSB brf Ramselyckan comprises 16 four-storey houses, featuring wooden siding and generous windows, and surrounded by large grounds. Geothermal and solar heating will contribute to the project’s energy-efficiency. Brf Ramselyckan is part of the Gökegård development area in the heart of scenic Öjersjö. Over the next five years, a total of around 500 homes will be built here. Plans also include a town square with a grocery shop and restaurant.

Construction on the project will start in the fourth quarter 2021, with occupancy planned for the second half 2023.

The contract is included in the order book for the current quarter.

For more information, contact:
Charlotta Nilsén, EVP Veidekke Construction Sweden, ph. +46 070-600 30 87

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