Veidekke ASA: To reconstruct Lundbyleden in Gothenburg for approx. SEK 1.4 billion

Veidekke has signed an agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration for the reconstruction of Lundbyleden, one of Gothenburg's most important and busiest transport arteries. The project is a design and build contract with a high level of collaboration, divided into two phases with a total contract value of approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

The first phase of the assignment comprises approx. 13 months of planning with a target price of about SEK 80–100 million, which will be included in orders for Q1 2019. Phase 2 comprises approx. four years of production to a value of about SEK 1 300 million. This will be included in orders at the call-off of phase 2, which is planned for August 2020.

”We are proud to be able to contribute to improving infrastructure that simplifies everyday life for people in western Sweden. This type of complex project, which requires strong collaborative facilities, matches Veidekke's collaborative working method to a tee. Getting in early in the project gives us the opportunity to determine optimum production methods and create good project results for all parties,” says Jimmy Bengtsson, EVP/Country manager Veidekke Sweden.

As one of Gothenburg's busiest and most vital transport routes, Lundbyleden is part of the national road network and is therefore of national interest. Currently, the route has at times very heavy traffic, and is perceived by many as difficult to navigate. In order to increase capacity while providing acceptable function and navigation facilities, it is therefore proposed to design a new traffic interchange located between Leråkersmotet and Brunnsbomotet. The planned Kvillemotet interchange will replace Brunnsbomotet, which will be closed.

The project also includes the expansion of the railway Bohusbanan to double track at Brunnsbo, in order to reduce the sensitivity to disturbances on both Hamnbanan and Bohusbanan. This expansion also creates the opportunity for a future commuter station, which would provide new possibilities for local transport and enable a good connection to city traffic on Hisingen.

The "Lundbyleden" project comprises rebuilding and new construction of the following infrastructure:

  • Conversion of Lundbyleden between Brantingsmotet and Ringömotet; a completely new traffic interchange with ramps and bridges will be built. The total distance involved is approx. 1.5 km.
  • Conversion of streets and roads within Backaplan
  • Conversion of the Bohusbanan railway to double tracks at Brunnsbo, a total of approx. 1.5 km where three bridges will be built to separate the railway from other traffic.
  • New construction of commuter train station – Brunnsbo.

Detailed plan DP0 is expected to take effect in the first half of 2019, which is a prerequisite for the basis for decision regarding the road and railways plan. The basis for decisions for the road and railways plan is expected to take effect in the second half of 2019, which is a prerequisite for triggering the option for phase 2.

For press photos, see, for more information, contact:

Jimmy Bengtsson, EVP/Country manager Veidekke Sweden,, +46 070-537 91 10
Fredrik Indevall, Construction manager Veidekke Anläggning Sydväst,, +46 076-126 40 43
Kristina Andreasson, Communications Manager, Veidekke Sweden,, +46 072-516 99 63 

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