Veidekke ASA: To renovate Himmerfjärdsverket treatment plant for Syvab

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Veidekke has signed an agreement with Syvab for comprehensive renovation and extensions to the Himmerfjärdsverket wastewater treatment plant in Grödinge, Sweden. The project has a potential order value of at least SEK 700 million, and work is planned to continue until 2025.

“The renovation and extensions to Himmerfjärdsverket have long been under planning. As we are now finally ready to start implementation, we are very pleased and confident in the knowledge that we have Veidekke Entreprenad AB’s entire competence on hand in doing the job. This bodes well for a very good result,” says Carl-Olof Zetterman, CEO of Syvab.

“We are extremely pleased to have won Syvab’s confidence to assist in the development of Himmerfjärdsverket. The project is in line with our strategy of selectivity with regards to customers, and we are able to start collaboration at an early phase, as is our preference. The project is also well aligned with Veidekke's values, which ultimately are about creating added value by working in close interaction with customers and suppliers,” says Marcus Andersson, regional director of Veidekke Anläggning Öst in Sweden.

The renovation of the Himmerfjärdsverket treatment plant is a necessary consequence of population increases and new water treatment requirements. A new membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant will increase capacity, while retaining energy consumption at current levels and reducing the use of added chemicals.

The project comprises an execution contract for the renovation of the existing plants, and a design and build contract for the extensions. The first of two phases includes the assessment and planning for system documents, to which Veidekke will provide production solutions and specific technical consultations. This phase also includes calculation of target costs for the total project. Once target costs have been calculated, the project enters phase 2, with planning and production. The order value for phase 1 is estimated to be approx. SEK 10 million, and an agreement for phase 2 is scheduled to be signed during the first quarter of 2020.

Activities in 2019 will primarily comprise the first phase, including the completion of system documents and calculations for the new plant. Construction starts will take place on an ongoing basis through 2020, and according to plans, the new Himmerfjärdsverket will be ready for operation in 2025.

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