Veidekke ASA: To renovate the Rosenbad block in central Stockholm

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Veidekke has been commissioned by the National Property Board Sweden to remodel and renovate the Rosenbad block in Stockholm. The project, which will be carried out as a general contract, will begin in April and is planned to be completed by April 2021. During the renovation, the government offices currently located there, will move to other Government Quarter premises. The contract amount is estimated at SEK 500 million.

“We have considerable experience from renovation work in confined inner city environments and having the opportunity to work at Rosenbad feels very inspiring," says Anders Rauge, business manager at Veidekke’s subsidiary Arcona, which will undertake the renovation.

The Rosenbad block was built as a bank between 1895-1900. Since the government administration moved in in the early 1980s, the building has received regular maintenance only, and now needs the thorough renovation that Arcona has been commissioned to carry out. The Rosenbad project is part of the larger renovation of the Clara district and will continue until 2021.

The renovation will provide safe, energy efficient, representative and flexible premises for the government administration as tenant. Ensuring rational operations and good future management are other important goals for the National Property Board Sweden. The renovation measures are implemented with a 20 to 30 year perspective.

See for further information about the Rosenbad project.

Arcona, which has been a Veidekke subsidiary since year-end 2013, builds and develops properties in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden. The company had revenue of SEK 2 billion in 2018.

For press photos, see, for more information, contact:
Anders Rauge, business manager Arcona,, ph. +46 08-601 21 75
Peter Wallin, project owner and property manager at National Property Board Sweden,, ph. +46 010-478 72 84

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