Veidekke builds a Warehouse in Ski at a total Price of NOK 63.5 million

Kjeldsberg Eiendom Ski AS has awarded Veidekke ASA the contract for the construction of a new cold storage warehouse at the Regnbuen industrial site in the community of Ski. The warehouse will be rented by REMA 1000.
In addition to cold storage facilities, the building has an office wing and the total floor space is 7,100 m2. Among other things, the contract includes excavation of 40,000 m3 of soil. The building is founded on rock fill, and has a framework structure of steel. External walls are made from steel cases filled with poluretan foam. The self-supporting external roof will be covered with structural steel plates and insulated.

The construction work started late in June2002 and the completion date has been set to 13 March 2003.

The contract is a turnkey contract at a price of approximately NOK 52,5 million excluding VAT. In addition, a contract amounting to NOK 11 million for excavation has been transferred to Veidekke. The company Albert Kr. Hæhre is responsible for the excavation work, which started in May.

Veidekke estimates a working staff of approximately 15, including 8-10 carpenters. The rest of the work has been sub-contracted.
"This contract is welcome because with this and the other contracts we have been awarded in the past few months, we will have a very satisfactory production till well into 2003", says the District Manager, Mr. Per-Inge Heen.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Per-Inge Heen, District Manager,
phone +47 64 97 47 08 / 901 51 291
Mr. Per Nesbakken, Site Manager,
phone +47 64 97 47 09 / 414 37 611