Veidekke builds highway for more than SEK 1.3 billion - Breakthrough for Veidekke in Sweden

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Veidekke has received confirmation stating that the Swedish Public Roads Administration (Vägverket) has chosen Veidekke as their contract partner for the construction of a 34 km long highway north of Stockholm. The contract, which has a value of just over SEK 1.3 billion, will secure the E4 a long needed new road around the city of Uppsala. "This contract represents an important breakthrough for us in Sweden," says Mr. Terje R. Venold, President & CEO of Veidekke ASA.
The construction will be carried out in close cooperation with Vägverket Produktion Mitt (the Swedish Public Roads' Construction Division). On Veidekke's part, both Veidekke Stockholm AB and the Special Projects Division will take part in the management and execution of the project.

"To us in Veidekke, the cooperation with Vägverket Produktion is very important, especially as this is such a large construction project outside Norway. Vägverket Produktion has both local know-how and experience, and, not to mention, a local network," says Venold. The final contract will be signed at the beginning of September.

Vägverket Produktion is one of Sweden's leading construction companies. The construction activities have been spun-out from the Swedish Public Roads Administration into a special unit, much in the same way that the government have asked the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to do with its own production unit. Vägverket Produktion has a turnover of more than SEK 5 billion a year, and in 2001, posted a profit of SEK 20 million.

The work includes the construction of a 34 km long 4-lane highway and 38 km of adjoining roads. 22 km of the road will be paved with concrete. In all, 64 large and small bridge constructions are included in the project. As a curiosity, we might mention that as much concrete will go into this project, as in the construction of the Alta dam.

The work is scheduled to start in September 2002 and will be completed by the autumn of 2007.

This project will also contribute positively to other Veidekke companies, such as the foundation works company Pål & Grund in Sweden.

For further information, please contact
Mr. Kristian Senland, Director for Major Projects in Veidekke ASA,
phone +47 21 05 78 34, mobile +47 911 28 356
Mr. Kai Krüger Henriksen, Senior Vice President Communication, Veidekke ASA,
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