Veidekke Company to Build Amager Strandpark (beach park)

Veidekke's Danish construction company Hoffmann A/S, in joint venture with Dutch Boskalis BV, has been awarded the contract for establishing a new beach park at Amager in Copenhagen The contract has a value of approximately DKK 179 million.
Amager Strandpark is situated in Copenhagen facing Øresund. The new park will include three main elements:

  • An artificial island of approximately 84 acres with beaches on the eastern side
  • An atoll with open connection to Øresund to the north and the south, the latter through a channel with a port.
  • The already existing Amager Strandpark

The contract includes construction of quays, piers, roads, tracks and open spaces as well as a complete beach, in addition to the construction of the artificial island.

The work will be carried out by a joint venture between Hoffmann A/S and the Dutch company Boskalis BV. Hoffmann will have the responsibility for groundwork and sewerage systems, water constructions and all concrete constructions. Boskalis will provide the sand required for the construction of the new island and beaches.

"This work is very suitable for the expert competence of our heavy construction operations," says regional Manager Mogens Hansen of Hoffmann.

The work is scheduled for completion in the course of 2005.