Veidekke Reconstructs the Terminal Building at Fornebu

Veidekke and IT Fornebu Eiendom has signed a contract for further development of the old terminal building at Fornebu,"Package III". The contract price for the construction work is NOK 87 million, excluding VAT.

"Now that all formalities have been attended to, we can focus on creating an attractive innovation centre at Fornebu," says Mr. Sverre Nagell Bjordal, Managing Director of IT Fornebu Eiendom. "And I feel confident that the contractors we have chosen will make a substantial contribution to this," he says.

Previously, Veidekke was awarded the contracts for the construction work for "Package I" and "Package II" at Fornebu. The work for "Package I" has already been completed, while the construction work for "Package II" will be completed by 1 December this year. Veidekke's total turnover for these contracts so far is NOK 37.5 million

"We are very pleased that IT Fornebu Eiendom has chosen Veidekke as the contractor for this project as well. Since we have been involved in this development for such a long time, we are glad to be able to take part in the further development, says Mr. Harald Sangnes, Manager of Veidekke's construction activities in Oslo.

"Through co-operation with the developer in the process up to the signing of the contract, we have been able to have some influence on the project. Together, we have found simplifying and cost-effective measures that will make it possible to realise the project within the developer's financial parameters. The contract encourages the parties to continue their cost saving efforts," says the Project Manager, Mr. Lars Tunli, Veidekke.

For further information, please contact

Mr. Harald Sangnes, Construction Manager, Veidekke ASA,
phone +47 21 05 74 65
Mr. Lars Tunli, Project Manager, Veidekke ASA,
phone +47 21 05 74 68
Sverre Nagell Bjordal, Managing Director, IT Fornebu Eiendom,
phone +47 21 50 19 00