Veidekke's HSE award presented to Mikael Lidström

Veidekke's HSE award was today presented to region manager Mikael Lidström with Bygg Stockholm in Veidekke Entreprenad AB. "Mikael Lidström has shown great commitment and has good knowledge of HSE work in practice. He leads by example and involves and motivates both his own associates as well as partners," said Veidekke's CEO Terje R. Venold when the award was presented at Gardermoen today.

The jury's decision emphasizes that Mikael Lidström, through long-term systematic and focused work, has paved the way for very good HSE results. Under Lidström's management there has been active work on development and innovation in terms of HSE at Bygg Stockholm. Several different measures have been implemented in order to cater for health, the working environment, well-being and not least safety. Lidström has a distinct proactive focus, and he is concerned with working towards eliminating risk at an early stage.

Veidekke's HSE award was introduced in 1997, and has since been presented every year as recognition of systematic and methodical work to promote a good working environment and to reduce injuries and absence. Veidekkes Scandinavian HSE day at Gardermoen marked the start of the group's HSE week, which is being arranged for the first time this year.

The two other nominated finalists for Veidekke's 2010 HSE Award were Veidekke Entreprenør's construction project R6 in Oslo (Government Building 6) and The "Videndeling" (knowledge sharing) project in Veidekke's Danish Hoffman enterprise.

For more information please contact:
Region manager Mikael Lidström of Veidekke Entreprenad AB, tel. +46 70 873 52 23,

Communications Manager Helge Dieset of Veidekke ASA, tel. + 47 21 05 77 91 / 90 55 33 22,



Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors with 6,100 employees and a turnover of NOK 16.3 billion (2010). Activities include building and construction projects, residential developments, asphalt plants, gravel and aggregates and road maintenance. Our values are professional, honest, enthusiastic and pioneering. Our goals for health, safety and the environment, HSE, have equal status with our financial goals. Veidekke is characterized by a decentralized organizational model with a strong corporate culture and a high degree of employee involvement. Over half the employees are co-owners, holding almost 20% of Veidekke's shares between them. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has never declared a loss since it was founded in 1936.