Veidekke to build laboratory building for the Technical University of Denmark

Veidekke's Danish subsidiary, Hoffmann, has signed a contract with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to build a 6,000 sqm laboratory building. Team Hoffmann also includes Link Arkitektur A/S and Moe og Mikkelsen Arkitekter A/S.

The project has been through a major development process over the last six months. With comprehensive involvement of the future users of the new buildings, the team has been able to design a building that will successfully meet their needs.

"This is yet another good example of Hoffman, in consultation with users, customers and consultants, creating a fantastic project in the design phase, which we are now going to realise. The value of the project has increased because all relevant resources have been included from the start," says Hoffmann's managing director, Torben Bjørk Nielsen.

The new 6,000 sqm building will enable DTU Chemical Engineering to expand its framework for research, teaching and innovation. The building will house research halls, laboratories, classrooms and workshops, as well as offices and communal areas.

Construction will commence in May 2018.

DTU's Lyngby campus site is being reinforced and densified with several large new buildings that will underpin DTU as an elite, international university with state-of-the-art research facilities and innovation-promoting classrooms.

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Torben Bjørk Nielsen, Managing director Hoffmann, tel. +45 4329 9300, e-mail:
Peter Haugaard, Regional director Hoffmann, tel. +45 6012 9206, e-mail:
Jørgen Michelet, SVP Finance Veidekke, tel. +47 917 43 856, e-mail:

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