Veidekke to Build Power Plants in Øvre Otta to the tune of NOK 385 million

Veidekke ASA has reached an agreement with Opplandskraft DA and Tafjord Kraftproduksjon AS to construct the Framruste and Øyberget power plants in Skjåk in the county of Oppland. The anticipated price, depending on the options and alternatives that are chosen, is about NOK 385 million excl. VAT.
The Framruste power plant will exploit the approximately 325m head of water from the Raudal Reservoir down to Pollvatnet in Otta. The power plant will be built into the rock where a generator will be installed with an output of 76 MW at maximum water flow of 27 m3/s.  The contract also includes the access and drainage tunnels, pressure tunnel and pressure shaft totalling 9,000 metres in length.

The Øyberget power plant makes use of the 150m head of water in the Otta River from Heggebotn reservoir to the foot of the Døn waterfall. The power plant will be built into the rock and three generators will be installed with a total output of 95 MW at maximum water flow of 75 m3/s. Access, pressure and drainage tunnels totalling 5,000 metres in length will be bored. The level of the water will be raised permanently in the intake reservoir in Heggebotn by building a dam at the discharge point. The dam will be built of concrete, just over 100 metres long, and have sluice gates for flood diversion and discharge of minimum water flow.

"Not very many contracts of this type are put out to tender, so we are pleased to have been awarded this particular one," says Director Klaus Hansen of Veidekke. "We have a large number of very capable rock experts in the company and fifty of them will now be working on this site for a prolonged period," he says. He expects the work crew to reach about eighty at the most. There will also be an office staff of eight to ten persons.

The starting date for the development is 2 September 2002. The construction period is four years.

For further information, please contact:

Director Klaus Hansen, Veidekke ASA,
mobile +47 909 88 267
Project Manager Kåre Strand, Veidekke ASA,
mobile +47 900 88 073
The client's representative, Project Manager Kai A. Sørbråten,
mobile +47 970 09 417