Press release: The Future of Integrated Health Care

For the first time, it is possible to experience the future of health care. Ergonomidesign present a pioneering, fully functional software prototype, demonstrating The Future of Integrated Health Care. Through the software “Helping Hands” developed for the renowned Microsoft Surface Table, you will be able to test for yourself how to manage your health in the future. The unveiling takes place at the Medica/ Compamed trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov. 18-20.

By the year 2015, vast amounts of personal data are uploaded constantly to the “Cloud” (a metaphor for the future Internet), for others to use, share and benefit from. Through built-in sensors in our clothes, wrist watches, necklaces, shoes, etc. it will be possible to constantly monitor our biometric data. The data is pushed to the Cloud and from there transferred to our smart devices, e.g. our phones. This means that our biometric data will be accessible everywhere, all the time, to us and others that we have allowed access, for example doctors and family. Our smart devices also allow us constant access to contacts and services in our private network directory of doctors, fellow patients and other daily health care programs such as diet, exercise and prescription medicine. - For everyone in the business of Health Care a continuous flow of biometric data, in combination with seamless interaction between stakeholders, opens up a new world of opportunities. Through our collaboration with some of the world’s leading Life Science companies we are noticing that their interest in exploring the opportunities with new technology is increasing. In a couple of years, I think that we will see several groundbreaking solutions on the market, says Krister Torssell, CEO Ergonomidesign. This future scenario is developed by the Ergonomidesign Life Science team including interaction designers, design strategists, graphic designers and health care professionals. Their daily challenge is to envision our future and to develop user friendly solutions for the rest of us to use. The technology necessary to make this scenario become reality is already here. We have seen bits and pieces used in other industries, e.g. Nike+, LinkedIn, Facebook and the Apple app store. The film and high resolution pictures available gives a tangible and more in-depth description of the Future of Integrated Health Care. Film: High resolution images: user name: press, password: press For more information contact: Anna Romboli, Director of Communication, tel +46 701 90 23 00, Ergonomidesign, specializing in people-driven innovation, is one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world. Since 1969 we have gained invaluable experience of working within Life Science, helping companies all over the world within most therapeutic areas to uncover real user needs, develop devices that enhance Quality of Life and Return on Design Investment. We are 60 specialists working across a wide range of industry sectors and product categories - from cell phones to baby products to advanced medical equipment. Our head office is in Stockholm and we are represented in London, Berne, Boston and Tokyo.


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Veryday, formerly Ergonomidesign, is one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world. The company has an impressive track record for design that has helped build remarkably successful businesses since 1969 and a strong commitment to people-driven innovation as a means to enhance quality of life and make every day a Veryday. Based on deep people insights 70 design specialists are creating innovative solutions through products and services in the physical and digital world. The company has offices in Stockholm, New York and Shanghai, and is represented in London.



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