Recognized diabetes clinic in Germany evaluates VibroSense Meter® II

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The diabetes clinic at the university hospital Klinikum Stuttgart evaluates the VibroSense
®II, starting on October 11, 2022. A Research collaboration between the clinic and VibroSense Dynamics focusing on nerve damage in the feet caused by diabetes is also  discussed.

The diabetes clinic at Klinikum Stuttgart is a highly recognized clinic that treats people with diabetes type 1 or 2. The goal is to use the VibroSense Meter II and the application "Diabetic Foot Screening" as a standard examination of people with diabetes on the clinic.

The clinic also works with research to study and develop effective methods for the care and treatment of the diabetic foot. Evaluation of "Diabetic Foot Screening" also includes a small research project in wherein the VibroSense Meter II will be used to assess Neuro-Sensory status in the diabetic foot.

"We continue our work to approach into the German market at a high rate. With the diabetes clinic in Stuttgart, we do now have contact with two very reputable clinics in Germany. We can also see an increased interest from additional Key Opinion Leaders in Germany and I look forward to our continued work to introduce "Diabetic Foot Screening" in Germany", says Hans Wallin, CEO VibroSense Dynamics AB.

About Klinik für Endocrinologie, Diabetologie, Klinikum Stuttgart
The Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology, and Geriatrics at University Hospital Stuttgart is located at the Bad Cannstatt Hospital. The department is well known for its efforts and success in the diabetology field as it’s certified by the German Diabetes Society and also directs special focus towards the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. The clinic treats over 1,500 inpatients annually under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ralf Lobmann who has been recognized by FOCUS Magazine as one of the top doctors in the field of diabetology. Prof. Lobmann is also the first spokesman and chairman of the Diabetic Foot Society of the German Diabetes Society, a board member of the German Diabetes Association (DDG), and used to be the president of the European Society (DFSG).

Hans Wallin, CEO VibroSense Dynamics AB

Tel: +46 40 88 026

About VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ)
VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ) develops and sells medical technology products and services for diagnostic support for nerve damage in the hands and feet. The method involves measuring and quantifying the ability to feel vibrations at several frequencies. The company's customers are diabetes clinics, occupational health care, hospitals, health centers and researchers.

Our vision is that the company's products should be a standard instrument in all neurological examinations to detect early signs of changes in sensation so that patients and their caregivers can implement preventive measures that prevent, reduce or delay the onset of nerve damage in the hands and feet.