C21 has a strong impact on several markers in an in vitro study for pulmonary fibrosis

A BioMAP® report comparing Vicore Pharma’s drug candidate C21 to two approved drugs for IPF shows strong and competitive results.

The test was performed by DiscoverX, an American contract research organisation with a proprietary assay for analysing antifibrotic properties for drug candidates, i.e. the BioMAP® system.

The objective of the BioMAP® report was to benchmark Vicore Pharma’s drug candidate C21 to two Idiopatic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) approved drugs with documented antifibrotic properties in a panel for a large amount of inflammation and fibrosis biomarkers expressed by human primary cell cultures. The test consisted of a fibrosis panel of primary human cells and three different cell type models, SAEMyoF[1], MyoF[2] and REMyoF[3].

The study showed that C21 was most active in the fibrotic lung disease model where it positively affected several markers indicative of inflammation and fibrosis in a dose dependent manner. C21 exerted stronger effects in the BioMAP® system than the currently approved drugs for IPF. Positive effects on both matrix-related and inflammation-related readouts demonstrated by C21, may translate to a stronger clinical impact than current therapies. C21 was also shown to be active and non-cytotoxic in the BioMAP panel for the concentration range tested.

The outcome of this report further indicates a strong case for C21 within fibrosis related diseases, such as IPF, the lead indication for clinical development of C21. Data from the study confirms that C21 exerts its positive antifibrotic effects in primary human cells further giving strength to the well documented antifibrotic effects already demonstrated in animal models. We feel confident in the results and for the continued development towards and IPF drug for C21 says Lena Lindblad, Operations manager of Vicore Pharma.

Vicore Pharma will start Phase Ib-studies for IPF during late autumn 2017 followed by Phase II-studies.

For more information, please contact:
Lena Lindblad, Operations Manager M: +46 706 03 46 25 or e-mail: lena.lindblad@vicorepharma.com
Per Jansson, CEO M: +46 709 17 47 46 or e-mail: per.jansson@vicorepharma.com 

[1]The SAEMyoF system models the biology of fibrotic lung disease such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).This co-culture of pulmonary epithelial cells and myofibroblasts is relevant for evaluating wound healing and inflammation related responses in the lung.

[2]MyoF system models the development of myofibroblasts relevant to fibrotic disease as well as other chronic inflammatory settings where tissue remodelling and/or fibrosis is involved including scleroderma, SLE, psoriasis and arthritis.

[3] REMyoF system models the the biology of renal fibrosis and inflammation associated with chronic kidney diseases and end-stage renal failure. This co-culture of renal epithelial cells and myofibroblast is relevant for evaluating wound healing and inflammation related responses in the kidney

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